Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation Partners with Veritas

Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation and Veritas join forces to guide divorcing couples as they begin their new life with as much financial stability as possible.

For the past 20 years, the professionals at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation have provided an innovative program for divorcing couples to help them save time, money and stress. As the pioneers and leaders in the field of divorce mediation, Alpha professionals have helped over 5,000 people navigate through their divorce with sensible solutions and fair settlements.

One of the keys to Alpha's 85% success rate is their constant attention to making sure their clients consider their life after divorce in every decision they make. Alpha professionals work hard to ensure that each client begins their new life with as much financial stability as possible which means a balanced plan that addresses liquidity and emergency funds, debt structure, retirement cash flow, investment direction, college funding and protection planning.

To make sure that their clients maintain their financial stability and grow their investments as much as possible, Alpha Center has now joined forces with the experts at Veritas Strategies. Scott W. Shaw, founder and President of Veritas, now provides Alpha Center clients with their own customized "Living Balance Sheet®" and reviews it with them to ensure that they are on the right track and minimize risks wherever possible.

Keila M. Gilbert, Esquire, who is the founder and President of Alpha Center, states that, "Veritas was chosen for this key role in our program because we believe they have the tools and skills that are vital to the success of our clients and our divorce mediation program. Most importantly, they share our firm commitment to the highest ethics and always placing our client's best interests ahead of all other considerations".

For further information about Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation go to or call 1-800-310-9085.

For further information about Veritas Strategies go to or call 2015-345-5552.


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