Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation "On the Move"

Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation will be opening their new location in Media, Pa August 1st.

After an exhaustive search for a more suitable office for our Media, PA clients, Alpha Center has found the perfect location to serve their clients. As of August 1, 2013, divorce mediation clients in Media will have their program services provided at 337 West Front Street, in Media, PA.

The new office, which is located a block from the Media court house, provides both historic character and modern amenities. Darlene Pagan, who is in charge of Alpha Center's locations, says "This is a warm and inviting place for clients to come and feel as comfortable as possible. It will serve our Delaware County clients well."

The new Media, PA office is only 30 minutes from the King of Prussia, PA (Montgomery County) office so clients living or working in the area can choose the most convenient office. The King of Prussia, PA office provides the same comfortable amenities including ample parking.

Whether clients reside in Delaware County or Montgomery County, they should choose the office that is most convenient for them. County of residence will be considered by the attorney mediator in the legal documents but it does not dictate where the clients secure their divorce mediation program services.

With 10 locations to choose from, Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation clients can always find a convenient location to serve their needs. For those who choose not to travel at all, they can receive their divorce mediation services conveniently online. Wherever the divorce mediation services are provided, Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation clients can be assured that they are benefiting from the most experienced professionals available.