Almas Insight, a Data Company That Focuses on Measuring Human Capabilities, Announces 1.5 Mil USD in Seed Funding From Learn Capital

Learn Capital, the largest human development investment portfolio in the world, has invested 1.5 Mil USD in funding in Seattle-based company Almas Insight. Almas Insight will allow organizations to hire more strategically, reorganize more efficiently, and compete more effectively with objective, data-driven insight about their people.

Almas Insight offers a cutting-edge, immersive, game-based product that combines contextual video, situational simulation, and cognitive tests to measure more than a dozen high-demand human skills. The company is on a mission to help provide and integrate this objective data into the business world so that both individuals and companies can better understand employees' capabilities. The company's model is spawned from almost a decade of research and development with leading research organizations and support by the National Science Foundation. Having been tested in dozens of leading universities around the world, Almas Insight is now ready for business.

"Due to COVID-19, organizations are facing unprecedented talent challenges, and Almas' solution can provide crucial insight to support many of these challenges," said Rob Savette, Co-Founder of Almas Insight. "The funding provided by Learn Capital has really increased our velocity and given us access to expertise and partners that will allow us to rapidly accelerate our go-to-market strategy."

Almas Insight currently has pilots underway with several major organizations and will be in full production in the second quarter of 2022, developing both personal and enterprise editions with a full data analytics package. 

"We are really excited to be working with Almas Insight because we both share a common vision for the creation of new world data," said Greg Mauro, Founder and Managing Partner of Learn Capital. "Data can be used not only to make better decisions based on learned past experience but can also provide a lens that focuses the resources and potential you already have." 

To date, organizations have not had access to quality human capabilities data, a key that has the potential to unlock some of the most pressing talent challenges that many modern businesses face. As a business that is driven by data itself, Almas Insight makes it simple, fast, and painless to gain insights about people—helping organizations and individuals to find more alignment and success with their careers.

About Almas Insight

Almas offers a cutting-edge approach to integrating objective human-driven data into the hiring market, using an immersive, game-based digital work sample to measure more than a dozen high-demand human capabilities. By utilizing Almas Insight's analytics platform, companies can better determine where employees and candidates are a good fit, identify high-performance individuals, streamline re-organization efforts, build more effective professional growth plans, and gain a greater understanding of workforce attrition. This opens up a new channel of understanding between employees and employers—accelerating the business world into a more informed, healthier, equitable, and sustainable future.

About Learn Capital

Learn Capital, based in Silicon Valley, is one of the world's leading venture capital funds with a dedicated focus on education technology and companies that leverage technology for better and smarter learning worldwide. Since 2009, Learn Capital has backed extraordinary teams building market-transforming services for every age and stage of learning, on nearly every continent. The company's practice spans seed, early-stage, and emerging growth companies that are committed to the improvement of individual and societal capacities at scale, propelling the generation of inclusive prosperity worldwide. For more information and to view the fund's portfolio, please visit


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Source: Almas Insight