Allo Launches Allo for Zoom

The Allo app for Zoom will bring everyone on the same page to enhance in-meeting experiences

Allo app for Zoom

Allo today announced the launch of Allo for Zoom, a new Zoom app type delivering an embedded experience accessible within Zoom Meetings. This new in-product Zoom App is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace, which hosts 1,400 third-party integrations that extend the power of Zoom's industry-leading video communications platform. 

Allo first launched to the public in November 2020 (as "BeeCanvas"). It has attracted more than 40,000 users from all over the world since then, including those from Fortune 500 companies.

Allo was designed from the ground up to natively enable project management and visual collaboration at the same time. With the intuitive and straightforward user experience it provides, Allo can be adopted easily by both designers and non-designers. 

"One of the problems we see people having is that they are often using more than five different tools to complete their workflow but there's no connection between them," said Raymond Hong, CEO and co-founder of Allo. "We wanted to build a common ground for teams, despite members' backgrounds and roles. Everyone should be able to communicate their ideas and exchange feedback with Allo easily."

"Allo is an effective tool for making online meetings more productive," said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations, Zoom. "Everyone remembers the time when we did meetings face to face, we drew on the big whiteboard next to us and, after the meeting ended, everybody was rushing to take a picture before it got erased. Allo for Zoom brings the whiteboard experience into the remote and hybrid workspace — and since everything discussed can be automatically saved and organized, there's no need to hunt for pictures when you come back in the future for a reference."

Allo has not only helped many distributed teams to connect and align as if they were in the same room but also helped to decrease the number of tools needed for teams when working on projects. It serves as an online whiteboard, a high-level project management tool, and a visual documentation tool. 

Allo offers a free plan that allows unlimited collaborators and a team plan that allows unlimited file storage and canvases. Enterprises, startups, and educational institutes are offered great discounts when applying.

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In-product Zoom Apps enable a seamless experience for using your preferred apps within Zoom, before, during and after a meeting. Boost meeting productivity with apps for file sharing, project management, whiteboarding, and more. Zoom Apps inspire collaboration and foster engagement by enabling meeting participants to execute in real time and get more out of meetings. 

About Allo

Allo is an uncompromising visual collaboration software that enables modern teams to craft and distribute canvases efficiently. With a focus on real-time and asynchronous collaboration, smart workflows, and intuitive design features, Allo works the way people do — with others, across devices, in different time zones, and for distributed teams. That's why thousands of teams love using Allo to share their canvases with collaborators. To learn more and create an account, visit

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