Allied Moulded Products, Inc. Offers Prop Arm for HMI Cover Kits

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Prop Arm for HMI Cover Kits

Allied Moulded Products, Inc., an industry leader in nonmetallic electrical boxes and enclosures, is expanding its line of premium enclosure accessories to include a prop arm for its line of HMI cover kits.

The HMI cover kits and prop arms are designed to enhance an electrical enclosure. The HMI cover kits provide protection for instruments or electronics requiring routine attention or detail. The newly released prop arm is made of stainless steel and has a silicone rubber cap, allowing a user to hold the cover in an open position when the cover is installed with the hinge at the top. This allows the operator to use both hands to perform maintenance or other work necessary inside the enclosure without having the HMI cover kit to close. The HMI cover kits are available in six sizes, and each has a corresponding prop arm available.

Allied Moulded continues to be a leading manufacturer of nonmetallic electrical enclosures and a “one-stop resource” where fiberglass and polycarbonate products can co-exist depending on the specific application characteristics and chemical compatibility requirements.

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Allied Moulded Products, Inc., established in 1958, is a leader in the production of fiberglass reinforced and polycarbonate, nonmetallic electrical boxes, and enclosures, for use in residential and industrial applications globally. The Bryan, Ohio-based manufacturer today is perfecting material and design formulations that result in products with increased strength, reduced weight, corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, UV resistance and ease of installation.

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