Allen Company Expands Concealed Carry With Spiderweb Holster™

Allen Company, long known for delivering the perfect blend of value and quality to the shooting industry, has recently expanded their extensive lineup of holsters with the Spiderweb concealed carry-series.

Spiderweb Holsters have taken a page from the arachnid in nature by utilizing similar web-design structure and sticky-pocket texture, to create a unique pocket holster.  As the name implies, Spiderweb  Holsters “stick” securely in the pocket while the user retrieves their handgun quickly and safely.   

Spiderweb Holsters boast the following features:

-Proprietary spiderweb sticky-web exterior structure coating

-Slick lining interior for easy gun removal

-All models fit right or left-handed shooters

-Custom fit designs for the most popular concealed carry handgun models

Spiderweb Holsters come in 9 custom formats to fit a broad range of concealed handgun types ranging from the smallest to the largest sizes.  Certain models have the added capability to fit laser attachments.

In addition to the new release of the Spiderweb Holster series, Allen Company also offers these holster types:


-Leather Hip

-Leather Belt Slide



-Nylon Hip

The broad array of Allen holsters and the new Spiderweb Holsters are available at many national and local retailers across the country.   

For more information about Allen Company, visit us at or call (800) 876-8600.  Media contact: Lee Betty via phone (720) 390-6716 or via email

About Allen Company:

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Allen Company was founded in 1970 and is a leading provider of hunting, shooting, archery and tactical-related products. Continuously striving to improve our product design and quality by listening to our customers, Allen Company has set its goal to make the Allen name known and trusted by the entire outdoor population as the best product for the money.

Source: The Allen Company

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