Alleged 'Bigfoot' Sighting on Long Island

The sighting of a large unidentified creature has been reported on the North Shore of Long Island, at the Garvies Point Preserve in Glen Cove.

A rare Bigfoot sighting is creating a stir of excitement on the North Shore of Long Island.

Residents living nearby the Garvies Point Preserve in Glen Cove, which overlooks Hempstead Harbor and Long Island Sound, have recently reported sightings of a tall, hairy creature roaming through the woods there.  There have been reports of strange animal noises emanating from the preserve, as well as physical evidence in the form of footprints and over-sized droppings.

Just last month Jim Coniglione, a Glen Cove resident, had a close encounter with the creature in the preserve.  His personal video of what he termed “ a true bigfoot” shows fleeting images of a large creature moving through the woods.

“It was about seven and a half to eight feet tall,”  Coniglione recalls.  “But it was expert at camouflaging itself in the trees.  Sometimes all we could see was a pair of red eyes, staring at us from the bushes.” 

Coniglione was accompanied by his friend Michael Corwin, who verified the claim.  “At times we were maybe only 50 yards away” said Corwin.  “To be that close to something prehistoric - a missing link, as it were - It’s something I’ll never forget.”

The two men tracked the creature through the preserve for over an hour, until the animal displayed signs of aggressiveness, and they prudently retreated to the parking lot.  Still, they were eager to return to resume their efforts.  “It’s out there,” said Coniglione,  “and I believe it wants to make contact with us.”

The video of the encounter, titled “Bigfoot Sighting on Long Island!” has been posted on YouTube.


Jim Coniglione
177 Forest Ave
Locust Valley, NY

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