Names Best Cities and States for Internet Connectivity and Availability Evaluated Over 29,000 Locations to Determine Best Cities and States, a leading broadband marketplace, today announced results of a new report on the state of internet connectivity in the United States using FCC and U.S. Census data.

“Our team spent weeks reviewing and analyzing data on the city and state level. After compiling information on over 29,000 locations, our analysis revealed a variance in internet availability and cost,” said Joe Supan, senior content writer for

To determine the top cities, we analyzed data on cost, speed, and coverage from providers, as well as the number of providers in an area. 

The report revealed that many of the cities with the best access to high speed and cost-efficient internet were mid-sized cities, with Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa, topping the list. Many of these cities have access to multiple providers, fast speeds, and competitive prices.

Additional findings include:

  • Many of the cities toward the bottom of the list tended to be rural cities. Many of these cities, including several in Alaska, not only had access to limited providers, but the cost was higher than the average.
  • Several largely populated states, including California and Texas, had multiple areas that only had access to satellite internet, which can be costly as well.
  • Data on internet price and average download speed found that many states on the East Coast had the most efficient cost per megabyte of internet – with Rhode Island topping the list at $0.24/Mbps.

“By combining several factors, we wanted to paint a full picture of the current state of internet availability and cost. In this time of the coronavirus, internet speed and affordability are key factors for internet service and those are not universally present in all areas of the country,” Supan added.

The full report and methodology can be found here:

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