All The People Is Now Available In Paperback

Where Is Sylvia Fischer? A psychoanalyst and a detective are trapped in a mystery in the heart of New York City

After a first release on Amazon Kindle, All The People's printed edition is now available on Amazon (, and will soon be distributed by several other retailers.

New York has been a great inspiration for Annalisa Conti in her years spent in the city: despite a business strategy daily job, the city and its stunning beauty have kept nourishing her passion for reading and writing. Until she decided to express it all in her first novel: All The People.

What could explain the sudden disappearance of Sylvia Fischer? From a few drops of blood to a plane crash, a psychoanalyst and a detective will face what will be the most intricate mystery of their careers.

All patients have problems, and Doctor Alexander Williams knows it: that’s why they come back every week, they sit on a sofa in his psychoanalysis practice and tell him their stories. But what is it about Sylvia Fischer that he has never been able to quite grasp? Maybe the way she never mentions her life before deciding to marry her husband: a boring, cheating, rich New York boy. Or the way she talks, with a deep voice and a British accent, even if she’s from Texas. Or maybe Dr. Williams can feel the pale halo of depression that surrounds her.

One day, Sylvia Fischer tells Dr. Williams a new story: there’s a man she’s been in love with for many years, who now wants her to run away with him. And away she goes.

Sylvia Fischer doesn’t simply leave, though, she disappears: no words are left for her husband, her two-year-old daughter, her parents. No one knows anything about that man from Sylvia’s past, but Alexander Williams wants to believe that she has found her happiness. Until everything collapses. The most unexpected friendship with a NYPD detective will lead Dr. Williams in his search of the truth about Sylvia Fischer, and in fighting his own ghosts.

New York City is the host and the beating heart of this novel: the city will guide the reader through its streets, rivers and parks, as lives and mysteries unfold.