All Removals London Launches Student Removals Services in London

All Removals London, an established leader in moving services in the United Kingdom, announced the launch of their new service "Student Removals".

Today, All Removals London, an established leader in moving services in the United Kingdom, announced the launch of their new service “Student Removals”. This service specifically targets students by making the removals more affordable (with 15% discount over the standard price) and better adapted to the students schedule and lifestyle. Students can conveniently consult All Removals London’s website to get an obligation-free quote and, if interested, directly book the service from the beginning to the end. This efficient system prevents the usual long waiting period on a busy line and provides the customer with a quick and secure booking confirmation in a matter of few minutes.

According to All Removals London Owner, Krzysztof Niecikowski, the “Student Removals” services officially start on November 10th, 2015. 

"We are very pleased we can provide this sector of the population with a service that they highly needed, but that for many reasons was not made so easily available to them before. All Removals London has used its vast experience on the removals field to tailor its services to the specific needs of students, as we know many of them switch accommodation during this period. We are confident that this new approach will be helpful to many people all across the United Kingdom.” Krzysztof Niecikowski commented.

The new service is designed to provide students with a high quality hassle-free affordable removal. Through the website, students can get all the information they need in a single, easy and quick step: they will be able to consult detailed information about All Removals London’s services; review moving van rental types and costs; get an obligation- free and accurate quote for the specific service they need and, if satisfied with the conditions, directly book the service on-line and receive the confirmation with the date, time and cost in few minutes.  Students will be able to access through All Removals London’s website everything they need to get their removal sorted in short and simple steps with no confusion.

More About All Removals London 

Founded in 2004, All Removals London has helped many people all across the United Kingdom to move house or office, and pick up and deliver any kind of goods. All Removals London specializes in domestic and commercial relocations, as well as delivery and furniture transport. Their extended list of services include: furniture, art and antiques transport; store pickup and delivery; transport from / to storage facilities; and now also specialised student removals. The company, based in London, has a large number of vehicles available to fulfil customer needs, which allows them to assist customers anywhere within London and the UK. The company's highly trained staff members are on hand to help make the whole removal process happen without any stress. Customer service is the company's top priority, because the company knows that removals are really about the people behind the belongings.

To know more about All Removals London, call +44 20 3608 2745 or visit them online at