All Public Art - Heralding the End of Counterfeiting and Fraud in the Art World

The platform enables artists and art enthusiasts to engage with one another in a peer-to-peer, counterfeit free, transparent art marketplace

All Public Art

Announcing the launch of All Public Art’s Token Generation Event – a new venture aimed at bridging the gap between art enthusiasts and artists on a global scale. All Public Art is able to eliminate counterfeiting through blockchain technology and transactions are made using AllPublicArt (APA) Tokens. The platform enables artists and art enthusiasts to engage with one another in a peer-to-peer, counterfeit free, transparent art marketplace.

One of the major problems of the art world, aside from counterfeiting and fraud, is price manipulation. What if you could deal directly with an artist or buyer? What if you could buy or sell art in a more transparent and global marketplace? What if you could be a part of an online art marketplace that was beneficial and fair to all involved? All Public Art has done just that, by creating a unique peer to peer art marketplace for artists and collectors alike.

The End of Counterfeiting and Fraud

The risk of purchasing counterfeit or fraudulent art pieces is high. However, by utilizing blockchain technology, All Public Art is able to reduce the amount of counterfeiting and fraud in the art marketplace as well as prove the provenance of the artwork. Illegal price manipulation, collusion and kickbacks all grossly affect the value of an art piece, but with the help of blockchain technology this will be a thing of the past.

The All Public Art Way

With the All Public Art Platform, each artist will have a unique ID and each artwork will have its own ID tag as well. Blockchain technology aids All Public Art in this process by ensuring that no person or organization can manipulate the data. The platform will encourage the use of a multi-step verification process to ensure the legitimacy of the artist’s work.

Smart Contracts Are in

Blockchain technology has provided a safer alternative for artists and art enthusiasts to conduct deals with one another without the need for an intermediary by utilizing smart contracts. Smart contracts are able to provide total transparency to both parties and the public, while reducing the transaction costs normally associated with the sale of art.

All Public Art’s vision is to encourage the growth of the global art market by creating a safe space that will allow artists, collectors to freely trade and interact with one another. By joining the All Public Art platform, you can make a difference in the art world and ensure its continued prosperity in years to come.

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All Public Art's mission is to create a peer-to-peer, counterfeit free, transparent art marketplace enabled by blockchain technology.

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