All Private Investigations LLC Heads Investigation into the Disappearance of Sister Eileen Christie in Austria, Pro Bono

​​​All Private Investigations LLC, a Long Island based private investigation company, traveled to Austria in September of 2016, to aid in the Austrian search, and head the American search, for a missing Long Island nun.  Sister Eileen Christie, a Member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, went missing while vacationing in Austria on July 6, 2016.  Serving Long Island, New York City and Westchester, All Private Investigations LLC, among other services, provides top-notch, well-respected and legal surveillance and investigation.  When contacted by client, Andy Kelsch, All Private Investigations LLC could not turn down the chance to aid in the investigation into the disappearance of Sister Eileen, free of charge.

Sister Eileen Christie went missing on July 6, 2016 in Hallstatt, Austria soon after checking into a boarding home.  Sister Eileen was a free spirit, often travelling outside of the United States to swim and hike.  Over the course of the last three decades, Sister Eileen spent approximately one-half of her summer's in Austria.  

All Private Investigations LLC began its investigation in September of 2016, when Mr. Kelsch contacted President Kenneth Tomlinson in attempts to ensure that the police in Austria and the private investigator in Austria conducted a thorough, professional investigation, which Mr. Tomlinson concluded in fact occurred, and to hopefully find new leads into Sister Eileen's disappearance.  Mr. Tomlinson immediately contacted a family member of Sister Eileen, who had been in constant email communication with Sister Eileen prior to her disappearance.  This family member ultimately alerted the police department in Austria of Sister Eileen's disappearance after she stopped returning his emails for approximately one week.

Mr. Tomlinson traveled to Austria to continue his investigation.  He learned that after exploring many options, including drowning during a swim, falling off of a cliff during a hike and foul play at the hands of the innkeeper at the Hallstatt boarding home, the Police Inspector of the Upper Austrian Police responsible for the investigation and the Austrian private investigator were of the belief that Sister Eileen had drowned.  The basis of this opinion was that Sister Eileen's swimsuit was missing from her room in the boarding home, the canines which sniffed all possible areas where it was believed her body may be only hit on the lake (and notably not on the property of the innkeeper) and the innkeeper's story was believable.

Mr. Tomlinson also investigated the lake, hiking trails that Sister Eileen may have visited; he also met with and/or spoke to clergy members in Austria that came into contact with Sister Eileen and/or knew or her disappearance and other friends she had in Austria.  While Mr. Tomlinson believes that the authorities in Austria did everything legally allowable, and conducted a thorough and professional investigation, Mr. Tomlinson also believes there is a likelihood that the innkeeper had a part in Sister Eileen's disappearance due to inconsistencies in his story about whether he saw her again after she checked in; his admittedly entering her room with his key after she disappeared; and his failure to notify authorities that she was missing despite it being local custom to do so.

President Kenneth Tomlinson stated: "When I began my career with the NYPD, I was given words of wisdom that I would never forget and that still ring true today.  We were told: 'There is no such thing as a natural born detective.  No one is a natural born detective.  You will develop and enhance the skills that make you a good detective by putting in time over a course of years.  An NYPD detective is given his fair share of cases, so there is no better place to learn and master the trade.  But you have to love what you do.'  I have always loved my job because of the role I played in helping people.  When I heard of the disappearance of Sister Eileen while she was travelling, doing what she loves in Austria, my heart was broken for her and her family.  I had to help.  While I am saddened at the fact that Sister Eileen is still missing, I am still hopeful that she will be found through the joint efforts of All Private Investigations LLC, the Upper Austrian Police, the Austrian Investigators and the public, all doing what we love to find this wonderful woman."

All Private Investigations LLC is known throughout the industry as a respected company, willing to go to all legal and ethical lengths to help its clients; if you ever require any of these services contact them today.  

While All Private Investigations LLC is an effective and prominent investigation company, it could use the help of the public to find Sister Eileen.   All Private Investigations LLC urges anyone with possible details regarding Sister Eileen's disappearance to contact Mr. Tomlinson immediately at 631-759-1414.

Source: All Private Investigations LLC