All-In Nutritionals Launches Its Solution to the Hidden Dangers of Shower Water

All-In Nutritionals founder and CEO Lindsey Duncan, CN, ND, raises the question, “Why would a natural supplement company come out with a water purification showerhead?”  

Duncan said there is a clear, driving factor backed by logic and evidence. “Many people may know the potential dangers of drinking some unfiltered tap water, but most are unaware that this threat may extend into our showers. All-In is committed to providing whole health solutions. This is not confined to just supplements. We feel the quality of our shower water is not an issue that can be ignored.”   

A study by Consumer Reports in 2021 supports Duncan’s statement. CR analyzed water supplies in 120 locations in the United States and found that in 118, the water had significantly high levels of lead, arsenic or a class of dangerous synthetic compounds known as PFAS, per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, commonly called “forever chemicals.” These chemicals have been linked to distinct types of cancers, cognitive delays in children, and many other health issues. 

“This is simply not okay,” said Duncan. “If these harmful toxins make their way into our drinking water, then obviously, they make their way into our showers because it is the same system. When showering in toxic, chemical-laden water, we not only absorb these chemicals through our skin, but we also breathe them into our lungs. Over time, this is extremely harmful to our health. If we do not want to drink toxic water, then naturally, we should not want to absorb or breathe it.”  

During a short 10-minute shower, you may absorb water into your skin, along with the chlorine in it. When drinking water, your body can filter out some of the chlorine, fluoride, and other disinfecting chemicals, but this may not be the case when it is absorbed through our skin and/or inhaled, according to All-In Nutritionals.

Duncan says there is a solution to this ever-present, serious issue, and it comes in the form of All-In's proprietary, ionic, mineral showerhead. The showerhead filters and eliminates nearly all toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals from water. Natural, bioactive minerals, stones, and ceramics are used in this 14-phase filtration system that can be attached to any existing showerhead outlet.   

“We not only have figured out a way to remove all the unwanted contaminants from our shower water, but we have also created a system that adds benefit. This showerhead alkalinizes water, mineralizes water, increases circulation, can dramatically increase water pressure, and helps to soften your skin and hair. In short, we’ve taken out all the bad, and added in a lot of good, and done it for an incredibly reasonable price,” said Duncan.   

Duncan explained that one of the 14 phase systems of the showerhead is Vitamin C. “Most people already know the benefits of Vitamin C on their hair, skin, and overall health. This is just one example of the many incredible benefits we have put into this product.”  

All-In’s showerhead is different than anything currently on the market. “There has been a significant increase in whole house and water purification systems lately,” Duncan said. “It should not take a tragedy like the one in Flint, Michigan, or recently, the tragedy in East Palestine, Ohio, to make people realize water purification is a must. At All-In Nutritionals, we are very confident that we offer a product that will not only overdeliver but that will completely change the shower experience for our customers.” 

He went on to say, “Other shower purification units use only three or four purification stones and those are often the less expensive stones such as anion stone, ceramic, or tourmaline. While these are great for basic water purification, they do not go as far as we do with a unique 14-phase stone filtration process. In addition, as an added benefit, we add a cotton PP filter. This filter removes all sediment that may have built up in our water tanks, pipes, wells, older homes, and more.”  

“When we say we are warriors for the consumer, we truly mean it. We are dedicated to whole health wellness, and this includes the purification of our shower water,” Duncan said.  

Currently, the All-In showerhead can be purchased at a discounted price of $48.50 instead of the regular price of $60.75.  

About All-In Nutritionals  

Founded and created by Master Formulator, Herbalist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Certified Nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan, All-In Nutritionals is the leading provider of all-natural, pure, clinically studied and ingredient-tested supplements to aid people in nourishing, balancing, cleansing, and supporting the human body. All-In Nutritionals uses organic, wild-harvested, non-GMO ingredients that are grown and harvested in their natural state and are masterfully formulated for both long-term and short-term success. All products are manufactured in All-In Nutritionals' pristine and FDA-registered manufacturing facility. 

Source: All-In Nutritionals