All-In Nutritionals Acquires Agape Herbals LLC to Increase Foothold in the Natural Supplements Industry

Founder and formulator of All-In Nutritionals, Lindsey Duncan, CN, ND, announces the acquisition of its new brand, Agape Herbals LLC, and the addition of its founder, Weston Horne, Natural Health Practitioner, BCSI, NH, to the All-In Nutritionals team.

All-In Nutritionals, LLC, creators of Ancient Energy, Jungle Greens, Pure Collagen Plus, and other high-performing and effective natural health supplements, announced today the acquisition and merger of Agape Herbals LLC. All-In Nutritionals stated that they signed definitive agreements to acquire, in all cash, asset purchase Agape Herbals LLC (Salt Lake City, UT) for an undisclosed amount as finalized in September.

In addition to the expanding All-In Nutritionals product line, Agape Herbals brings powerful products such as Gut Warrior, Protect, and Gut Love that support gut health and immunity. All products are wildcrafted, non-GMO, handmade, whole, have organic ingredients, free of excipients, binders, gluten, and additives, and are packaged in glass bottles. 

“All-In Nutritionals is in the business of helping people get well and provides unique offerings such as high-quality, globally sourced products at affordable prices,” said Founder and Formulator Lindsey Duncan. “The acquisition of Agape Herbals LLC and the addition of Weston Horne will enhance this capability and continue to put All-In Nutritionals in a league of its own within the health and wellness industry.”

Duncan is regarded as one of the world’s top formulators and has won multiple awards, nationally and internationally, for his formulations over the last 30 years.

Horne is a Board-Certified Structural Integration (BCSI) practitioner and a Nutritional Herbalist (NH) who has successfully helped clients for 14 years in his private practice in Salt Lake City. He has taught college classes on Structural Integration and functional movement at The Utah College of Massage Therapy, The Denver College of Massage Therapy, and The Guild for Structural Integration. Horne participated in a nutrition class taught by Duncan, who mentored him for over a year with development in health and wellness and natural supplements.

“I am extremely excited to be joining what I would consider a 'once in a lifetime' company,” said Horne. “Lindsey has a reputation in the field for creating incredible products and delivering world-class information.”  

At All-In Nutritionals, Horne will lead R&D, quality control, quality assurance, and new product launches. He will also assist Duncan with ingredient sourcing and formulating. Horne will help educate customers about products, health hacks, and health and wellness in general on social media platforms and the All-In Nutritionals podcast. 

“Once I toured the All-In Nutritionals manufacturing facility, I sat with the team and was able to understand the heart, soul, and mission of the company,” added Horne. “I knew I needed to be involved. Many of my clients have asked me if I trust the company enough to join forces. My answer has always been, 'If it was any other company on the planet, no, but this one, I know the quality, integrity, and mission behind it, which matters the most.'”

Horne, his wife, and three children left their deeply rooted family and community in Salt Lake City and moved to Springfield, Ohio, where the All-In Nutritionals campus is based. “You don’t just pick up and leave your extended family and friends and everything you’ve always known unless it’s something you know you can truly hang your hat on,” he said. “I have complete confidence and faith in Lindsey Duncan and the mission of this company. I know the sacrifice will be well worth it for my family and me.”

Duncan has seen a common problem “far too often” in 40 years in the health and wellness industry. “Companies often focus on growth rather than maintaining high quality,” he said. “Brands that don’t necessarily pass the litmus test will be acquired just to expand the offerings and increase profitability. This ultimately hurts the consumer because they are unaware that the integrity of the product is not necessarily there. Corners get cut and quality goes down, and, at the end of the day, both the consumer and the company lose."

“When it comes to formulating and ingredients, I am extremely picky (in acquiring other companies) and set the bar as high as humanly possible,” said Duncan. “Agape passed my test, and that’s not an easy test to pass.”  

 Quality and integrity are something neither Duncan nor Horne are willing to compromise. Top formulators, ingredients, and top-shelf products will propel All-In Nutritionals and Agape Herbals LLC in the health and wellness industry.  

“Our goal is to take the world of natural supplements back to what it should be,” said Duncan. “That means the highest quality possible, clean ingredients, clean formulas, customer satisfaction, credible education, and affordability. We are looking forward to driving and leading our important industry to new heights and new levels that, in the end, benefit the consumers. Simply put, we are warriors for the consumer.”

About All-In Nutritionals

Founded and created by Master Formulator, Herbalist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Certified Nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan, All-In Nutritionals is the leading provider of all-natural, pure, clinically studied and ingredient-tested supplements to aid people in nourishing, balancing, cleansing, and supporting the human body. All-In Nutritionals uses organic, wild-harvested, non-GMO ingredients that are grown and harvested in their natural state and are masterfully formulated for both long-term and short-term success. All products are manufactured in All-In Nutritionals' pristine and FDA-registered manufacturing facility.


Source: All-In Nutritionals

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