All-In Nutritionals Achieves Substantial Growth in 2023, Announces Second Manufacturing Facility

All-In Nutritionals, a young yet fast-growing natural supplement company, expands its manufacturing facility to keep up with sales and a rapidly increasing product line.

All-In Nutritionals has grown exponentially in 2023, growing by 2,585% in the fourth quarter alone. Since the launch of its first product, Vitalized Silver in October 2021, the natural supplement company has demonstrated consistent growth, month-over-month and year-over-year.  

All-In Nutritionals currently offers a line of 46 products, which include powders, capsules, nutraceutical coffees and beverages, tinctures, herbal combinations, sports nutrition, cleansing and detox products, pro and prebiotics, as well as lotions.   

With this expansion, All-In will be increasing its manufacturing footprint by over 250%. Lindsey Duncan, CN, ND, and CEO of All-In Nutritionals, noted that while All-In may be expanding and growing its manufacturing business, this will not change the core belief and mission of the company, which he believes is one of the main reasons behind its consistent growth.   

All-In Nutritionals boasts one of the most pristine, FDA-registered manufacturing facilities, not only producing its own unique line of natural health products but also manufacturing and producing products for numerous private label accounts (which adds an additional 24 products to date).   

Due to the increased growth, Duncan has decided to build a second manufacturing facility on the countryside All-In campus.   

“Our current manufacturing facility is no longer big enough or equipped enough to keep up with the current and increasing needs of our sales, purchase orders, and contract manufacturing demand,” Duncan said. “We are quickly becoming well-known and respected for our pristine manufacturing facility and capabilities. Expansion at this point is not only right, but it’s also necessary.”   

With the expansion, All-In's “campus” will include a corporate office, the current manufacturing facility, a raw material, and a distribution warehouse, and soon, a larger second manufacturing facility that will be “state of the art.” This facility will include individual manufacturing production and research and development rooms for each category of products and a fully functional, QC (Quality Control), QA (Quality Assurance), high-tech laboratory. The new facility will include a fully automated encapsulation machine and allow the space and capability to create healthy gummy supplements.   

In addition to offering a more diverse product line, the second facility will provide space to carry out in-depth lab work and additional environmental testing. Swabs and digital devices will be used to test water, equipment, utensils, bottles, caps, all surfaces, and manufacturing machinery to guarantee complete sanitation. This ensures the facility is free from all types of microbiological contamination before production takes place.   

Duncan said that no corners are cut when it comes to manufacturing. “One of our biggest accomplishments, to date, is that we are in the final stages of our NSF Certification for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for our facilities. Our NSF Certification will confirm that we are fully compliant according to FDA regulations and even contain a higher standard than FDA requirements. Currently, we are FDA-compliant and registered. These standards are governed by ANSI 455-2-2018, which is a worldwide standard and is the highest that exists for dietary supplements.”   

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, supports the release of new ANSI-accredited standards in good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements.

“The experts who are contributing to the operation of our manufacturing facility collectively have over 70 years of direct supplement industry expertise and experience. We know the right way to do things, and no matter how much we expand and grow, we will always do things the right way,” he said.  

And the “right way” means “human touch” customer service, unique and science-based formulas, extreme efficiency and dependability, and hand-crafted batches from a quality and purity perspective.   

“Most manufacturers require a 5,000-bottle minimum, which means they do big batches and big production runs,” said Duncan. “Big batches allow for quicker production, which of course, benefits the manufacturer. Faster production requires the use of excipients, binders, and flow agents, which allow the machines to run at higher speeds. The problem with these additives is they can be unhealthy and even toxic, especially when taken long term.” 

“At All-In, we do not run large batches,” said Duncan. “The average batch we run is 200 units of any given product. This means all our products are completely free of all excipients, binders, flow agents, and harsh chemicals. We will never waiver from this key principle.”   

Based on current trends, All-In Nutritionals is projected to grow over 400% in 2024. This clearly illustrates the need for expansion.   

“This second manufacturing facility is significant for the company. It’s a clear representation of our growth, innovation, and ability to exceed our customer’s needs,” Duncan said.   

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About All-In Nutritionals   
Founded and created by Master Formulator, Herbalist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Certified Nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan, All-In Nutritionals is the leading provider of all-natural, pure, clinically studied and ingredient-tested supplements to aid people in nourishing, balancing, cleansing, and supporting the human body. All-In Nutritionals uses organic, wild-harvested, non-GMO ingredients that are grown and harvested in their natural state and are masterfully formulated for both long-term and short-term success. All products are manufactured in All-In Nutritionals' pristine and FDA-registered manufacturing facility.  

Source: All-In Nutritionals