All About Ken Sutiak's Life Journey

Ken Sutiak is the son of Judith E. Sutiak, who is a retired school teacher from Totowa, New Jersey. Ken always had a very close relationship with his mother, and thus, his world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1997. A strong woman, she still managed to function independently for a long time, but in 2015, she began to require more intensive and round the clock care. Ken was then employed by NJ Transit but he chose to give up that position to look after his mother instead.

The Effects of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative condition that affects the brain, causing it to become more affected over the years. It is exhibited in three key symptoms. The first is that of tremors, or involuntary shaking, of certain parts of the body. Secondly, people with Parkinson's develop slow movement. Lastly, they have inflexible, stiff muscles. Judith's disease was discovered when she started to experience tremors, which meant that she had knowingly lived with it for nearly 20 years now.

As with many other Parkinson's patients, Judith also experienced a variety of other symptoms, both physical and psychological in nature. Those include anxiety and depression, problems with balance, anosmis (loss of sense of smell), insomnia (sleeping problems), and memory problems.

Ken Sutiak's Decision to Move Back Home

Judith Sutiak was married to Kenneth Sutiak. Unfortunately, he passed away, leaving her without any support at home. Hence, in 2015, Ken decided to move back home to ensure that she would have assistance with her daily living. He has done this for the past two years, and his mother is now in a much more settled condition. Ken felt this was necessary because his mother had started to experience memory problems, and her balance was off as well. Worried that she would fall and hurt herself, he felt that more was needed to be done to keep her safe while allowing to be as independent as possible.

Ken is Judith and Kenneth's only son. He also has an older sister, Jeanette, who is married and has three children. As a result, it was impossible for Jeanette to provide her mother with all the care that she needed. Nevertheless, living close by, she does help out as and when she can. Together, Ken and Jeanette have been able to create a comfortable, stable life for their mother.

Ken's Experience and His Search for Work in Totowa

Since finding his own place back in Totowa, ensuring his mother is in a comfortable routine, and building a support network, Ken is now ready to return to the workforce himself. He has many years of experience working as a Human Resource Assistant. In fact, he holds an associate's degree in business management, through which degree he has been able to develop greater expertise in all aspects of the business.

Most of Ken's professional experience comes from his time at NJ Transit. This is the public transportation corporation of New Jersey. He was pivotal in helping to develop its mission of having a cost-effective, convenient, reliable, and safe transit service available. Mainly, he focused on the goal of ensuring that all employees were skilled to do their job, and also to make sure that each employee was committed to excellence and dedicated to the needs of the customer.

NJ Transit is the third largest company of its kind in the country. It offers light rail, rail, and bus transit and links New Jersey to both Philadelphia and New York. Ken helped to manage the HR needs for the bus drivers, train personnel, light rail drivers, and more. Some 223 million passenger trips are managed by NJ Transit each year, through their 12 rail lines and 236 different bus routes.

Another key area that Ken was involved in with NJ Transit, was the administration of publicly funded programs for disabled passengers. This was, obviously, something very close to his own heart. He extended this program to elderly people and those who live in areas that are underserved by public transportation networks. With his efforts, he was able to contribute to people in New Jersey being able to better connect to recreational opportunities, health care, education, and employment. All of those issues were of vital importance to Judith as well.

Now that Ken is ready to re-enter the workforce, he is looking forward to finding something in which he can apply his personal skills in relation to people with disabilities, and also where he can once again utilize his knowledge of HR procedures and other business management areas of importance. His mother and sister are both fully supportive of him returning to work. A proper schedule has been created so that Judith does not have to spend any time at home alone once he does go back to work.

Source: Ken Sutiak