Align Healthcare Real Estate Specializes in Medical and Dental Real Estate Brokerage Needs in the NY, NJ and CT Tri-State Area

Align Healthcare Real Estate LLC. , a medical and dental real estate brokerage serving the NY, NJ and CT Tri-State area, recently launched under the leadership of healthcare real estate veterans John Masserano and Joseph Lombardi.

Addressing a niche market segment, Align provides the equivalent of sophisticated corporate real estate department level services for private practices and intends to use its expertise to offer the specialized guidance necessary for those completing real estate transactions in one of the most challenging areas of the country.

"The New York Tri-State area is perhaps the most unique real estate and business market within the United States," Masserano said. "There are differences in market and players, as well as in customs, pitfalls, standards and concessions that vary widely by borough, county and state."

A sister company of the highly successful Masserano Real Estate and Consulting, which has been providing practice development services to the dental and healthcare community of private practices across the United States for nearly 20 years, Align Healthcare Real Estate is dedicated to brokerage services focused in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

"No other firm in our area does what we do for practices that aren't large enough to have their own local real estate experts on staff," Lombardi said. "We've been the most dominant medical and dental full service practice development firm for a while, but now our services are specifically targeted for brokerage. This new company expands our audience in this regard. In our time together, we've really mastered the process of market research, site selection, acquisition, design, budgeting and overall project development. This kind of comprehensive guidance is something only we can offer."

Align Healthcare Real Estate ensures that its clients achieve the most advantageous outcomes with their real estate transactions, thanks to its in depth understanding of the factors that are important in the decision-making process of healthcare practices.

"We understand the construction requirements and existing site conditions on a granular level so that we can then negotiate appropriately with landlords or sellers to match the needs of the doctor or the practice," Lombardi said. "We've been in situations where we've been brought in after a healthcare professional has gone down the road with a more general broker, and realized they needed someone with expertise in the area, and we've come in and fixed a lot of things that weren't done or negotiated correctly."

That's why a company like Align Healthcare Real Estate is needed—to solve the specialized challenges that physician and dental practices face when looking for real estate in the Tri-State area.

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Align Healthcare Real Estate is the leader in medical and dental real estate brokerage throughout the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut Tristate area.

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