"Aliens Abduct Rhode Island" reports News-Ruse

News-Ruse doggedly pursues stories other news sources don't know exist, probably because they don't.

Washington, DC May 13, 2010 - God, this is serious. And yet News-Ruse.com is the only news source currently reporting on this important event. (Wait, it can't be nobody has discovered Rhode Island is missing?)

In any case it is obvious that one must consult our newest blog, News-Ruse, to stay on top of over-the-top news developments and pseudo-developments met by the mainstream media with a shrug of indifference....even (amazing to us) disbelief.

Consider some other recent earth-shaking News-Ruse headlines --

* Study finds listening to ABBA raises infants' IQ's
* Scientists discover pygmy Bigfoots
* House passes historic Earmarks Only bill
* Biggie Burger introduces Suicide Burger
* Airports to employ eunuchs for invasive scanning
* Kimodo dragon genome escapes from computer lab

Clearly, News-Ruse knows real news when it sees it, even if it's made-up news.

For more information about the news satire blog, go to http://News-Ruse.com or contact Joseph Ryan, Editor, 202-408-7025.



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