Alien Bacteria Simulator Launches on Kickstarter

Indie developer gamifies scientific method with bacteria simulator on Kickstarter

Microid is an alien bacteria simulator for Android, iOS and Windows that challenges players to design and conduct experiments. The game features dozens of alien species, each built and animated by hand with modeling clay and stop motion. The game is currently under development by software engineer Brandon Campbell of Ogden, Utah. The project will be live on Kickstarter for one month, starting April 16th, 2016.

Gameplay unfolds in a close-up petri dish where the player drags and drops germs and radioactive crystal shards. Different species require different blends of radiation to be happy – that’s where the experimentation comes in. By manipulating radiation levels and collecting data points over time, the player will discover each Microid’s unique preferences and unlock more complicated species. These open-ended mechanics encourage players to exercise their skills in data analysis, critical thinking, resource management and problem solving. “Microid seeks to capture the spirit of the scientific method in a game that is accessible to people of all ages,” says developer Brandon Campbell.

Microid is currently under development for Windows PC and Android devices, but the creator has turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funding to bring the app to iOS and universal Windows devices. Funding will also be used to expand the core content, commission a soundtrack, hire dedicated beta testers, and explore new gameplay mechanics. If the funding goal of $3,000 is not met before the end of the campaign, the game will see a delayed and limited release. Backers will receive the game pre-loaded with exclusive content, vinyl cutouts, embroidered beanies and hand-made Microid replicas, depending on the pledge level.

Source: Microid Mobile


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