Alicen Lum Owner of Seattle Photo Studio Reveals Baby Photography Secrets

Professional photographer Alicen Lum owns Seattle photo studio and loves to help her clients preserve all those unforgettable moments. She reveals some secrets that will help one click impressive pictures of her newborn.

Whether it is baby photographs or maternity photographs, both have a sentimental value and every parent wants to treasure them. Keeping this factor in mind, one would never want to compromise with the quality of the photo. Alicen Lum who is an expert photographer, specializing in both maternity and new born photography, reveals some newborn photography secrets. She enjoys her profession thoroughly and has a well-equipped Seattle photo studio. She has been in this profession since 2006.

Alicen reveals that to be a successful photographer, just understanding the technical aspects about camera angle and lighting are not enough, you must be patient, determined and understand kids. It is important to make the child comfortable so that he is happy and relaxed. Babies can get moody anytime so a photographer needs o be prepared for all such situations. If the child is a little older say six or seven months, then handling her is a task in itself. You must keep them engaged using toys or any other thing that might interest them.

Involving the mother in the photo shoot is essential, whether it is changing baby's clothes or clicking her with the baby she plays an important role. Alicen further suggests that apart from sleeping poses, you must try to capture precious moments like crying, yawning, stretching, shrieking, squirming, etc. Use simple backgrounds, natural daylight, the right equipment and settings as suggested by experts to click fascinating pictures. With patience and perseverance, you can click some amazing pictures.

Many people think, maternity photography or newborn photography can be done by any ordinary photographer which is undoubtedly a wrong perspective. For instance, only the experienced newborn photographer knows how to seek co-operation from the newborn. Thus, if you don't want to go wrong and have the most remarkable pictures, booking a professional maternity or baby photography studio is the right thing to do. When you see Alicen's portfolio, you will understand why she is number one choice of so many would be and existing parents. Please visit for more information.