Alice McAuliffe's New Book "Perdition Within: Satan's Reflection" Centers on People Unaware That They Have Died and Are Now in One of the Countless Realms of Hell.

Alice McAuliffe, a gifted author who enjoys painting and sculpting, has completed her most recent book “Perdition Within: Satan's Reflection”:  a terrifying and engrossing book that focuses on a group of people try to survive the temptations, sins, and chaos that they encounter while exploring the realm of Hell they have been condemned to.

Alice has been writing since high school and she says, “I love creating stories that often contain romance, fantasy, horror elements, and religious themes.”

Published by Fulton Books, Alice McAuliffe’s book revolves around characters that are unaware they have passed on, and are now bound to their very own realm of Hell.  

While driving through a rainstorm, a group of teens end up taking refuge in an apparently haunted house and are unaware of what dangers await them there. As they try to navigate the hallways, they learn about Satan’s Reflection, a force that makes anyone it meets insane and could appear at any moment. While avoiding the Reflection, the teens must deal with frightening figures who are trapped with them, betrayal from the ones they trusted, and trying to survive the horrors in their realm of hell.

Readers who wish to experience this harrowing work can purchase “Perdition Within: Satan's Reflection” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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