Alex Hoffman Joins Green Gorilla as Senior Sales Representative

After recently adding their eco-friendly and sustainable drinking bottles to their line of 15 different products (150mg, 600mg, 1500mg, 3000mg CBD Oil in both Human and Pet lines consisting of various flavors as well as flavored CBD infused Lip Balms), Alex Hoffman is bringing his extensive knowledge of holistic wellness and sales experience to the Green Gorilla brand.

Green Gorilla Hemp and Olive CBD Products Senior Sales Manager Alex Hoffman

​Green Gorilla is proud to announce the addition of Alex Hoffman as Senior Sales Representative. Alex will act as the lead sales manager representing Green Gorilla's continuously expanding product line. After recently adding their ECO-friendly and sustainable drinking bottles to their line of 15 different products (150mg, 600mg, 1500mg, 3000mg CBD Oil in both Human and Pet Lines consisting of various flavors as well as different flavored CBD infused Lip Balm), Alex Hoffman is bringing his extensive knowledge of holistic wellness and sales experience to the Green Gorilla brand.

Alex Hoffman moved to Los Angeles after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Communication in order to be closer to the epicenter of innovative health and wellness companies. Mr. Hoffman has always been passionate about personal fitness and holistic wellness. Prior to joining Green Gorilla, Mr. Hoffman worked as an account manager with Living Well. Living Well is a wealth management operation that focuses on healthy communication within the family and proper distribution of the funds within ultra high net worth families, in order to further strengthen the health, communication and overall wellness of those involved. Mr. Hoffman also is a previous member of the original Sunlife Organics team, which created the chain’s initiation location at Point Dume, Malibu. His ability to find superior products and craft an overall offering of health and wellness is unparalleled, and the success of Sunlife Organics is in part due to his efforts.

"Alex is highly motivated, extremely personable, energetic, health & wellness focused and a very determined individual. We are delighted to have Alex join the Green Gorilla team," says Steven Saxton, Co-CEO.

Green Gorilla Co-Founder and Co-CEO Steven Saxton

Mr. Hoffman brings a diverse range of skills to Green Gorilla, including sales, product identification and evaluation, event management, interpersonal relations, a deep understanding of the wellness lifestyle, experience in the art of holistic living, diet management, fitness motivation and community building. At Green Gorilla, Mr. Hoffman is working almost exclusively in product sales, for the initial Hemp& Olive line, with a focus on building a core client base of the most desired and respected retailers. “Alex is highly motivated, extremely personable, energetic, health & wellness focused and a very determined individual. We are delighted to have Alex join the Green Gorilla team.” says Steven Saxton, Co-CEO.

Green Gorilla is committed to sustainably and ethically providing people with tools to live healthier and happier lives. The company is currently focused on utilizing hemp to create myriad products to that end.  Hemp is an incredible resource, and the company sees great potential here for both helping people, and also helping to preserve and protect the planet.

Hemp & Olive's products are all 100%: Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Paleo, Kosher, Macrobiotic, Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free. The products are also produced using world class 100% organic extra virgin olive oil from award winning California producer, Ojai Olive Oil, Inc.  The CBD used in the Hemp & Olive line is sourced from the very best hemp growers in the EU, and is extracted and purified to 100% before being infused into extra virgin olive oil.  All of Green Gorilla’s products are completely free of THC, and are produced to their very highest international standards. Once fully launched, Green Gorilla’s ‘Hemp & Olive’ line will be the most comprehensive and best formulated CBD product line in the world, including over 100 unique products for people and pets.

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Any product related statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always consult your own physician before beginning a new dietary supplement program. All Green Gorilla products contain zero THC, and are produced and sold in compliance with US federal law. 

About Green Gorilla:

Green Gorilla is building an international brand in the hemp and cannabis industry. Our mission is to provide sustainable and ethical goods and services to a broad range of customers, with a primary focus on health and wellness. Green Gorilla prides itself on being a sustainable and ethical company, utilizing hemp to provide people with tools to live healthier and happier lives, while also preserving and protecting our planet. While federal policy is developing, the Company will operate only in areas that are unequivocally federally legal, and is initially focused entirely on hemp based products. The company is building a multitude of market leading product lines centered on hemp and the picks and shovels of the cannabis industry, as well as a state of the art web portal addressing a wide range of related goods, services, online interaction, and education. Green Gorilla was established in 2013 by founders Philip J.P. Asquith and Sir Steven Saxton. 

About the Company Principals: 

Prior to his new role as Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Green Gorilla, Inc., Philip J.P. Asquith co-founded and managed Green Monkey, a health and wellness company operating a chain of studios and wellness programs in southern Florida. Mr. Asquith also founded and managed Green Capital Investments, Inc., a structured finance group operating in the renewable energy space. GCI’s projects included wind-energy farms, biomass-energy facilities, and municipal waste-energy facilities. Mr. Asquith is 39 years old, and lives in Ojai, CA, on a certified organic permaculture ranch where for generations his family has produced an award winning extra virgin olive oils under Ojai Olive Oil, Inc. Ojai Olive Oil has been recognized as one of the world's top olive oil producers countless times, and Mr. Asquith awarded the title of “Master Miller”. 

With over 30 years of experience, Sir Steven Saxton is a successful serial entrepreneur and film executive with credits that include Lone Survivor and The Kids are Alright. He is a highly regarded expert in corporate structuring, private equity, public companies, corporate refinancing, and capital rising for startups. Mr. Saxton has been the lead negotiator for numerous partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s and rollups for private and public companies. Mr. Saxton was a former investment banker and stock and commodities broker. Mr. Saxton, the Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Green Gorilla, is 52 years old, and currently resides in Malibu with his wife and daughter. 

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All of Green Gorilla's Hemp & Olive Cannabidiol CBD Oils and CBD Pet Care products are organic, kosher, vegan, paleo, sugar-free, non-gmo and gluten-free. Green Gorilla's Hemp & Olive CBD Oil is available for humans and for pets. Buy CBD Oil For Pets (CBD Oil For Dogs, CBD Oil For Cats, etc.), CBD Oil for humans, CBD Lip Balms, CBD Face Creams and more online at Green Gorilla's official website

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