Alex Draper Sets New Standards in Leadership Training With Innovative Approach to Psychological Safety and Inclusive Leadership

Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker Alex Draper Pioneers Transformational Leadership Strategies through His Groundbreaking CARE Model, Fostering High-Performance Teams and Creating Workplaces Worth Working For

Alex Draper

Alex Draper, DX Learning's CEO and a dynamic force in leadership training, is launching his pioneering book, The CARE Equation. His science-based methodologies cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, inclusivity, and psychological safety. This transformative approach redefines leadership training. Starting as a British schoolteacher, Draper, now a distinguished entrepreneur and leadership keynote speaker in Chicago, IL, built DX Learning in 2015, influenced by his encounters with inadequate leadership. His forthcoming book symbolizes a significant step in his mission to reshape leadership and create engaging workplaces.

He has founded his own intellectual property based on a framework to operationalize psychological safety, CARE: Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships and Equity® - the four leadership essentials to inspire high-performing teams that innovate, connect, and collaborate effectively, to build a more human workplace. CARE uses neuroscience-based training and experiential learning to stimulate a growth mindset for inclusive and empathetic leadership and combat natural biases that cause leadership blind spots. Alex's book on the framework, The CARE Equation, is due for release in the fall of 2023. 

Everything Alex does is about motivating positive human change through psychological safety, the most pivotal factor in cultural advancement. Being vulnerable and open to making mistakes is an integral part of that learning and having a team scared about failing in front of each other brings that process to a dramatic halt. Psychological safety training has proven to lead to higher performance metrics across the board, enhancing employee confidence and well-being, increasing transparency, enabling truthful feedback, and inspiring creativity. 

But it's like learning a new language. It requires consistent nourishing and maintenance. Underpinned by DX's six-step methodology for rapid behavior change, Alex's keynote programs on leadership, culture, and psychological safety are designed to help leaders break up with their bad habits for good and spark real change - change that sticks. Each experience expertly balances immersive self-discovery techniques with the latest research into how brains learn and work.

Alex teaches that no one is simply born a great leader. As CEO, he embraces every vulnerable experience. From employee turnover and redundancies to financial strain, he frames these incidents in a way that coaches leaders through a transformative journey, so they don't make the same mistakes. 

People leave inspired to take control of their development, embed concepts deeper into their teams, and put their new mindset into practice to make immediate, positive impacts on organizational culture in a matter of days. Simply put, Alex creates leaders and organizations that are the envy of their industry. 

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