ALDOIN, a Green Crypto-Mining Project Offering Attractive Dividends Launches Crowdsale

ALDOIN, an innovative Green-mining solution in partnership with Eqvola and Adviora announces crowdsale.


ALDOIN is the result of a joint venture between London based IT company Eqvola LLPand Glasgow based ad agency, Adviora. The partners in this initiative have unveiled the crowdsale for the green Crypto-mining project.

ALDOIN is a highly-optimized cryptocurrency, Crypto-mining farm and trading service with low cost and smart allocation systems powered by an innovative equity token, ALDO. The token entitles holders to monthly dividends of up to 4 percent of the project’s profits from its mining operations. The ongoing crowdsale, in its first phase, allows participants to purchase the ALDO tokens and become part of the initiative.

The increasing requirement for hashing power, rising network difficulties and the use of massive amounts of energy by mining hardware has exploded into the public consciousness. Many believe that Crypto-mining solutions amid the rise and adoption of cryptocurrencies by various government entities and financial institutions are doing more damage to the planet than good. Making matters worse is the current situation with some of the existing Cloud-mining solutions which are fraught with inconsistencies, low payouts, and scam allegations.

Some people will argue that it is more profitable to mine on their own. However, critical issues such as high electrical power consumption, air conditioning costs, hardware repairs and maintenance, noise and interferences have proven to be very effective deterrents. ALDOIN combines the technical know-how of Eqvola to develop customized turnkey solutions for the financial market and the marketing prowess of Adviora to develop a stable and self-sustaining cloud mining ecosystem with both vertical and horizon expansion across all boards.

The ALDOIN ecosystem makes use of hundreds of mining farms to provide a high level of uptime for each farm. It will be achieved by using custom setups to maximize automation, reduce human resources and mining interruptions and maintain production at minimal expense to clients.

Over the past couple of years, ALDOIN has acquired extensive technical skills and knowledge in successfully running crypto mining projects based on different equipment and setups. They have tested and analyzed scores of mining algorithms and cryptocurrencies for optimal output and profit.

The ALDO Crowdsale

ALDOIN has split its crowdsale campaign into 10 phases, and the first phase went live on August 28, 2017, and will continue until October 31, 2017. As a part of its crowdsale, the platform will offer 50 million ALDO Equity Tokens, of which 5 million will be available on sale during the first phase.

On completion of the first phase, ALDOIN will start building an Aldostation, a Crypto-mining center scheduled to be completed in two months and launched within the third month. Those investing in the first phase of the crowdsale will be credited dividends based on the number of tokens they hold. The dividends distribution will be according to the following criteria;

  • up to 500 ALDO — 1%;
  • 501–1000 ALDO — from 1.1% up to 1.5%;
  • 1001–2500 ALDO — from 1.2% up to 2%;
  • 2501–5000 ALDO — from 1.3% up to 3%;
  • from 5001 ALDO — from 1.5% up to 4%.

The ALDO tokens will be listed on exchange platforms after the fifth or the tenth phase depending on the market conditions. Once listed, token holders will be able to trade ALDO against other cryptocurrencies profitably.

Soon, ALDOIN will launch various high remunerated products and services including hash power reselling, smart contract creation, trading products, and blockchain legal products. The platform is also open towards investing in other blockchain related projects and startups as well. The future development roadmap and other project specifications are explained in detail in ALDOIN’s whitepaper.

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Contact Name: Maksym Tiahai / Olivier Danvel
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ALDOIN is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Source: ALDOIN


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