ALD Kitchen Celebrates 10-Year Journey From Street Cafe to Restaurant Equipment Manufacturing With New Custom-Mold Pop-Stick Waffle Makers

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Waffle on a Stick Maker From ALD Kitchen

Today, ALD Kitchen celebrates its 10th anniversary and brings out an exciting new range of Stick Waffle Makers for high-end restaurants, function centers, and consumers who want to eat on the go to be able to make this popular dessert that is taking over the industry. This amazing dessert, also known as Babycake Waffles, is shaped like a Christmas Tree and served with a variety of toppings such as chocolate, ice cream, fruit, and peanut butter. ALD Kitchen's Stick Waffle Makers are designed to cook six small or four big waffles and ensure that the cooking process is fast and easy, taking no more than five minutes. This is the revolutionary machine people have been searching for to take cooking experiences to the next level. 

The story of ALD Kitchen as a supplier of quality and affordable commercial cooking equipment to the restaurant industry has been 10 years in the making. It is a journey that has seen the company's products become synonymous with that mark of excellence and durability that chefs rely on in the restaurant trade, and are indispensable when it comes to customer service and reliability. Now, as ALD Kitchen enters 2022, the company is launching an exciting new range of machines dedicated to making pop-stick waffles. This is one of the fastest-growing trends in the dessert market today and the company is supporting the release by offering a 10% discount for custom-mold waffle makers.

American-owned and -operated, ALD Kitchen's emergence as a prominent global supplier of wholesale machines is no mere accident. The business was formed through the creative minds of owners Dillon Mykalo and Vladi Mia who opened a small restaurant in South Miami specializing in innovative Asian cuisine. Determined to build a successful business, they realized that they faced a lack of equipment necessary for the preparation of some dishes. They wanted to work smarter, not harder, and the world of commercial cookery is all about maximizing efficiencies, cost-saving, and producing food that sits at the pinnacle of the dining experience. 

That initial dive into procuring and designing professional equipment for themselves soon transformed into a fully-fledged business as friends within the industry asked them to make machines specifically manufactured for the making of traditional Spanish desserts. From those initial inquiries, ALD Kitchen has developed into a company that works with over 10,000 restaurants throughout the USA, Canada, and beyond.

Before Mykalo and Mia's foray into the marketplace, there were only two options available to business. Both were problematic for North American and global clientele. Firstly, there was the high-cost route from Europe that offered little in the way of diversity of products and was barely able to meet the emerging trends of a highly competitive dessert industry. Secondly, there were the cheap Asian imports that continually broke down and meant kitchens could be out of action for weeks at a time. 

To overcome these problems that can severely impact a company's capabilities and ultimately their bottom line, ALD Kitchen searched for a solution that would bring that much-needed assurance to the catering industry. Assimilating its production lines with the big manufacturers allowed the company to keep its build costs low while ensuring that outwardly its machines have that air of distinction. The genius of the design, however, is that all the internal componentry is individually sourced and superior to what customers normally experience, thereby achieving a standard that is beyond compare. 

Using the best thermostats, heating elements, motors, 304 or 201 stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm, ALD Kitchen's range includes waffle makers of all varieties, churro makers, donut machines, takoyaki makers, and so much more, which is simply outstanding. With every machine equipped with a three-layer non-stick coating from a leading brand, they are ready to use and custom-designed to unleash the potential and creativity that every kitchen requires to stay at the top of its game. 

The quality of ALD Kitchen's products is its highest priority because both Mykalo and Mia understand the frustration of using constantly underperforming cooking appliances. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a menu impacted by a broken machine or a part of the kitchen underutilized because the equipment everyone relies on is lying dormant on the bench awaiting repairs. This is the reason why ALD Kitchen only chooses tested and reliable manufacturers, and why its machines perform better than any comparable device on the market today. 

ALD Kitchen also guarantees honest low prices and will always keep them at a level that will ensure that clients get value for their money in a world of constantly shifting price pressures. Repeating the mantra of high quality, reliability, and durability, ALD Kitchen's equipment also has an extended lifetime, contrasted to the machines of its competitors, leading to reduced running costs over the lifetime of the business.  

ALD Kitchen also understands that is not just the machines that are its only assets. The ALD Kitchen team members and their devotion to customer service is the essential ingredient that has seen the company establish itself beyond the average wholesaler. Communication is key and, whether it be by email or with a real person on the telephone, the company will cater to its clients' every need. That loyalty to its client base is another reason why the company is committed to delivering the best service to its customers to ensure repeat business. Satisfaction is guaranteed and the company is often reaching out with exciting new offers to help shape the future.

No matter the size of the restaurant, from the boutique local eatery to huge commercial operations, ALD Kitchen has the solution. Become part of the ALD Kitchen family and ensure that business can be the very best it can be. 

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