Alcor Reveals That Dr. James Bedford, the First "Cryonaut", Could Be the Longest-Surviving Human Ever

​James Bedford, cryopreserved in 1967 and still maintained by Alcor Life Extension Foundation (, was born on April 20, 1893. That means, according to Alcor, that he could very well be the longest-surviving human being ever. Previously, Jeanne Calment was listed as the longest-lived human being ever verified. She was born on 21 February 1875 and died on 4 August 1997, making her 122 years, 183 days old (or 44,743 days).

Bedford was cryopreserved on January 12, 1967, with the hope of eventual repair and revival with more advanced technology sometime in the future. It is true that Bedford is not currently, legally alive. But neither is he dead. He is in a third suspended state akin to a deep coma but where all metabolic activity has halted by a process called cryopreservation So long as he is maintained in that unchanging state, and if he was sufficiently well-preserved to begin with, he should be considered as surviving. As of December 16th, 2015, he has survived for 122 years, 238 days (or 44,798 days). This, according to Alcor, could make him the longest-surviving human being in history.

Dr. Bedford was transferred to Alcor September 22, 1987, from son Norman Bedford. When Alcor transferred him from an old, customized vessel in 1991, it was clear that the original ice used in the cooling of the body was still intact.  Alcor Life Extension Foundation patient caretaker Mike Perry, who was present for that transfer, says: “Despite the relatively crude cryopreservation methods used in 1967, James Bedford may still be with us. I hope to be there to welcome him back to life. If the effort succeeds, the world will be a different place, with cryonics recognized as the life-saving measure it did in fact prove to be. And Dr. Bedford will be the ultimate pioneer among us.”

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, founded in 1972, is the world’s largest and most advanced cryonics organization, with over 1,040 cryopreservation members and 141 cryopreserved patients.

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