Alchemie Presents Endeavour at the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference 2019 (Vancouver)

Presenting our Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology (Booth 24, 15th - 18th October 2019)

Alchemie Presents Endeavour: Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology

Alchemie is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference 2019 (15th – 18th October) where we will be presenting and showcasing the latest data from our breakthrough Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing process.

The Endeavour process delivers dramatic reductions in wastewater (>95%) and energy consumption (>85%) and enables cost reduction of around 50% in the coloration of textiles. At the event, Alchemie will be discussing the latest technology developments and showcasing key data from this revolutionary process – showcasing its exceptional colour consistency and dye fastness.

Endeavour is a digital process, which means that the dyeing process can be directly connected with the digital supply chain – even the consumer demand signal such as an e-commerce buy “click” – to enable economic on-demand manufacturing of short runs. This capability dramatically reduces the turnaround time for prototyping new products in development and enables more agile supply chains that carry less inventory and reduce oversupply to enable more sustainable “fast fashion” supply chains.

Due to the digital nature of the technology, Endeavour is not limited to solid colours and shades, the system can be used to deliver unique patterns, two-tone effects, metallics and sided dyeing.

Alchemie will be at booth 24 during the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference 2019 (15th – 18th October). For more information or to set up a meeting with one of our representatives at the show, please contact –

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