Alcan Dental Cooperative Announces Strategic Partnership With CareStack to Enhance Dental Partnership Operations With Their Cloud-Based Dental Software Solutions

Alcan Dental Cooperative, a Dental Partnership Organization, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with CareStack, a technology leader in dental platform software management. This collaboration aims to bring together the strengths of both companies to deliver innovative solutions and enhance the patient experience in the pediatric dental space. 

The partnership will leverage Alcan Dental Cooperative’s expertise in services for revenue cycle management, HR, insurance verification, procurement, and back-office functions with CareStack's cutting-edge technology in cloud-based practice management software. This synergy will drive high levels of patient, clinical, and front-office satisfaction while reducing operating costs and stress levels in the work environment. It will set a new standard for consistency, predictability, and stability in the pediatric dental space. 

"It makes sense for Alcan to engage in exclusive offering with CareStack.  CareStack’s level of dedication to improving clinical workflows and enhancing front-office functionality is a major reason for our organization’s success. CareStack's versatile platform offers integration with a wide range of dental technologies that have a direct, positive impact on the top line and patient experience,” said Tim Otto, co-founder of Alcan Dental Cooperative. 

"We're excited to partner with the Alcan team to create state-of-the-art solutions for pediatric dentists. By combining Alcan's deep industry insights with CareStack's cutting-edge technology expertise, we can generate impactful outcomes for growth-focused pediatric offices. We look forward to working with the Alcan team to continuously improve CareStack's product portfolio for pediatric offices," said Abhi Krishna, CEO of CareStack. 

About Alcan Dental Cooperative

Alcan Dental Cooperative is a practice partnership organization specifically designed for pediatric dentists. It was founded by Dr. Alexandra Otto and Tim Otto who, after years of building and growing their own pediatric dental practices, created the cooperative as a solution to help fellow pediatric dentists maintain majority ownership of their practices while alleviating the burdens of practice management. 

With a deep understanding of the nuances of pediatric dentistry, Dr. Alexandra Otto and her husband Tim Otto have always believed in putting patients first, providing complete clinical autonomy to doctors, and fostering a professional cohort where everyone can share insights and advance the field of pediatric dentistry together.

For more information about Alcan Dental Cooperative and its partnership with CareStack, please contact Randall Smith at or visit

About CareStack

CareStack's primary objective is to provide dental healthcare professionals with a better understanding of and control over their financial health through artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies. The company's enterprise practice management solution caters to dental practices across USA, UK, Singapore and Australia, enabling them to run more effective operations and offer superior dental care to their patients. To learn more, please visit

Source: Alcan Dental Cooperative

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About Alcan Dental Cooperative