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​​​​Crowdfunding is a beautiful thing, when great minds with big dreams come up with a product that might become reality only if public interest is high enough. Many fantastic, creative innovations have come to life with the help of this modern way of producing great things. And in many ways, this is the perfect process to bring a product to market; it gets approved and generates public interest even before production is started.

Alakick Loves Great innovations!

Welcome to the afterparty!

Linus Hedstrom, Founder

It is quite common for a product in a crowdfunding process to generate significant public interest; of course through the common marketing channels but also just because it is an interesting project.

Products can get a fanbase before they even exist!

So, what happens after a product has been launched?

A lot of products finds their way into retail stores, their own e-commerce solutions and get listed on big-scale marketplaces that sell everything. This is of course a great and well-proven way to go to market, but is it really enough for such great innovations that were once in the spotlight?

Don't great things deserve awesome care?

​Alakick is a great social marketplace with innovative products, where customers can connect with the store owners. 

  • Stores can with ease join and create their own store with their successfully launched products. 
  • Visitors can get social with stores and other members. Everyone can join and take part in discussions, reviews and groups of interest. 
  • Buy products from different stores, at the same moment. Through our great shopping experience you can reach all of the crowdfunding world with just a few clicks. ​
  • Start a blog, and read the latest news directly from the source. On Alakick everyone can start a blog and write about something they have experienced with a crowdfunded product. 

Welcome to the afterparty!

Alakick is meant to help crowdfunded products to get maximum exposure, even after their original campaign.

Innovative products deserves their own space, their own marketplace. The people behind the products are real kickstars, and to join Alakick as a store is an easy process, with great support and an awesome way to get maximum exposure of their products — after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Visitors can browse products by category, like any e-commerce site out there; or they can visit store by store, be social and connect and follow the store owner, ask pre-sale questions and get support.

Both store owners and visitors can create groups, forums and blogs. Visitors can subscribe to our kickstars' blogs, and the stores can update everyone about their products. - A true social marketplace 

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Linus Hedstrom
Phone: +46 733 249 272 



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