AKTAKOM ADS-2061M - The Hybrid Digital Oscilloscope

AKTAKOM'S latest innovation features a wide screen, slim body and deep memory.

T&M Atlantic., distributer of the test and measurement equipment, today unveiled a portable digital oscilloscope by AKTAKOM that features 60 MHz bandwidth, 2 channels with a 500 MSa/s sample rate, and an 8 inch color TFT-LCD screen with 800x600 resolution. It also offers huge amounts of memory (10Mpts), and USB flash storage support. ADS-2061M is user friendly with a unique "HELP" function that allows you get a User Manual on the oscilloscope's screen. This device can detect the peak and average values of a waveform and store as much as 5000 waveform points on each channel. The unit contains 2 passive probes that are switchable between 1:1 and 10:1 input ratio.
This highly portable and versatile unit is a hybrid between handheld and benchtop models. With a large screen and slim body it weighs under 4 lbs. and is 340x155x70 mm in dimension. With its optional battery, it can run for up to 4 hours.
This portable oscilloscope could be utilized for electronic circuit debugging, design and manufacturing, automobile maintenance and testing, circuit testing, education and training. More information can be found at www.tmatlantic.com
Introductory Price $395.00