Aiwyn Announces PracticeOS Roadmap, Vision

Company reveals future expansion plans for its PracticeOS AI platform, new Aiwyn-developed solutions, and a new PracticeOS Marketplace for third-party solution providers to CPA firms

Aiwyn, the pioneering provider of Practice Automation solutions for over 100 “Top 500”-ranked CPA firms, today released the company’s long-term solution roadmap and platform expansion vision. This information is intended to enable current and future customers to make long-term plans for incorporating Aiwyn’s PracticeOS platform and PracticeOS solutions into their respective firm tech stacks and growth strategies. Aiwyn also revealed plans for the future release of the PracticeOS Marketplace, an open ecosystem tailored to the CPA profession that will allow Aiwyn customers to integrate and orchestrate preferred solutions from a range of third-party solution providers.

Said Aiwyn CEO, Justin Adams: "I’m excited to share the vision and roadmap for what’s to come here at Aiwyn. I’m grateful that our team and I have been fortunate to work so closely with so many great firm leaders – both long-standing CPAs and recent entrants from the private equity world. Their support and feedback have been crucial “north stars” to inform this roadmap.

Since 2020, we’ve been hard at work alongside our customers to understand their challenges, build practical solutions, and lay the foundation for a new technology future in the CPA profession. This is a future of open integrations supporting best-in-breed, modern solutions, a future of best-in-class client experiences… of better, cleaner, integrated data for better decision-making… a future of freedom from manual tasks for Partners and staff, a future where technology pays for itself quickly and shows an enduring ROI. 

With Aiwyn’s roots in solving long-standing problems for CPA firms, building trust by unlocking data from their legacy tech stacks, and driving a measurable ROI, I’m excited to say that we’ve built up the practical experience, firm-by-firm insight, support from the profession, and the technical platform to help firms fully leverage an AI-enabled future. Firms tell us they want to be able to continuously choose the solutions that make sense for their Partners, staff, and clients as technology trends and client needs evolve — with PracticeOS as an integrated launchpad for firm-wide operations, we can support their need for ongoing options and control.”

Aiwyn is an award-winning provider of Practice Automation solutions to leading CPA firms. Practice Automation is a category of modern software solutions that uses AI and machine learning to intelligently automate day-to-day firm operations and deliver recommendations and insights from vast datasets, helping firms increase efficiency, improve decision-making, free up their professionals, and increasingly improve client services.

Aiwyn enjoys a best-in-class 77 Net Promoter Score (as voted on by customers) and is the winner of AccountingToday’s “Top New Product” award and the BDO Alliance USA’s “Innovation Award.” The company currently focuses on helping top-ranked firms speed up cash flow, free up capacity, and delight clients with a suite of revenue cycle-focused solutions like “Payments & Collections.” Based on growing Customer demand for current and future solutions, Aiwyn is announcing it will dedicate an 8-figure R&D budget in 2024 to accelerate expansion of its platform – PracticeOS — and to release additional solutions targeted at other core challenges facing CPA firms. Firms can visit the Aiwyn website for more information.

Given the company’s founding DNA in having an “open” platform, Aiwyn revealed a key piece of its future roadmap and R&D investment is the forthcoming PracticeOS Marketplace. This Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, specifically tailored to the CPA profession, will allow CPA firms to more quickly and easily find new solution-providers, to integrate best-in-breed solutions, and to unify data and experiences for Partners, staff, and clients across their firm-wide tech stack. The PracticeOS Marketplace will also allow Aiwyn to enhance the scope and impact of the company’s “Relay” solution, and to expand partnerships with other third-party solution providers serving the CPA profession. 

"There’s no shortage of vision and ambition in this profession – our customers have pushed us to innovate as much as we’ve pushed them.” said Pat Morrell, Aiwyn CRO. “But the gating factor to innovation in the CPA space isn’t a lack of need, interest, or will, it’s that firms tell us they feel “stuck” in their current tech stacks. They tell us they struggle to integrate new apps with older systems, and they know they can’t “rip and replace” without disrupting core firm operations and client services.

Instead they need a series of tailored, firm-specific “off-ramps and on-ramps” so they can introduce new tech for their Partners, staff, and clients without dismantling underlying data. Given our ability to integrate newer solutions (both those from Aiwyn, and others) with longstanding IT systems common in the CPA space, we’re excited that we can practically take firms on that incremental transformation journey they need, and give them the options they’re looking for. 

We’ll have firms in a position in Q4 of this year (and ongoing) where they can start consolidating older or duplicative IT assets and start operating the full spectrum of their day-to-day firm needs from PracticeOS — using Aiwyn solutions or other preferred solutions. PracticeOS is open, so the choice of “which solution can I use?” is up to the firm to decide. We’re prioritizing this scenario for Aiwyn customers, helping them plan over a 1-2 year period in some cases. And we’re prepared to support future customers in leveraging PracticeOS, too.”

For CPA firms interested in Aiwyn’s PracticeOS solutions and/or the PracticeOS Marketplace, or for solution-providers interested in Aiwyn’s PracticeOS Marketplace, please visit the Aiwyn website:

About Aiwyn

Aiwyn (pronounced “I win”) helps leading CPA firms save time and increase efficiency, speed up and strengthen cash flow, and deliver best-in-class experiences for firm clients and for firm Partners and staff. With Aiwyn’s solutions and the PracticeOS platform, firms can leverage modern AI solutions to automate and improve critical day-to-day operations (ex: engagement letter prep, billing and collections, etc), freeing up executives, Partners, CPAs, and staff to focus on clients and to work at their highest and best use. PracticeOS is an open platform that inherently evolves with changing technology trends and client needs, dynamically adapting and growing to provide firm leaders and their teams with novel solutions and synchronized data for continuous best-in-class operations and increasingly insightful decision-making. And the PracticeOS Marketplace will allow firms to find and deploy client-focused  solutions from third-parties and to unify data and experiences across their firm-wide tech stack. Aiwyn is SOC 2 Type 2-audited (clean report), enjoys a best-in-class 77 Net Promoter Score (as voted on by customers), is the winner of AccountingToday’s “Top New Product” award and the BDO Alliance USA’s “Innovation Award,” and is backed by leading investors. For more information, visit

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