AirWorks Offers the Top Tips to Earn Money With DJI Drones

Make money with DJI drones

​Drones are without a doubt fun to fly, and give users incredible photos and videos to keep as memories of their favorite moments. Drones, however, are not only for recreational use: they have a plethora of uses in the enterprise sector, from governments to energy and construction. However, drones can also be used by individuals to make a profit. There are countless ways to make money with drones, especially if a little creativity is applied.

Users should first check regulations in their own country before choosing to do this, since some countries require a license to legally earn money using a drone.

The first, and most common, way to make money using drones is by selling the aerial photos and footage. DJI drones are perfect for this since they come equipped with top quality cameras and gimbals, guaranteeing crystal-clear images and a smooth flying experience for the operator. This option can be pursued by users of smaller drones such as the Mavic Air or by users of more professional models such as the Mavic 2 Pro.

The aerial footage can also be shared through social media, giving users a concrete shot at becoming popular influencers. Everyone knows how important it is to provide high quality, valuable content to followers on social media today, since the competition is getting fiercer by the day. DJI products are sure to fulfill these needs. Adventure travelers can choose the DJI Osmo Action or the DJI Mavic Mini to record their memorable moments and share them through Instagram or YouTube vlogs. Influencers can also take advantage of the AirWorks Affiliate program, giving them a chance to earn a 7% commission on any purchase made through their affiliate link.

As drone users become more proficient in their flying skills they can think about offering aerial surveying services. Aerial surveys are useful in basically any industry, including topography, digital mapping, archeology, construction, feature recognition. Of course, clients will be expecting the best quality photography, so it is best to become an expert in drone piloting. The first step to becoming the best pilot is education: AirWorks offers online courses through its platform DJI Educational to learn how to fly all the DJI drone models.

Another great option to look into is Wedding Photography and Videography. More and more couples are looking for creative and unique ways to capture their special moments. Small drones and easily manageable drones are best for this kind of job, so opting for a Mavic 2 Pro would offer both the quality and ease-of-use needed as a wedding photographer.

Drones are also perfect for advertising! In a world where video is becoming more and more important when needing to convert, drone videography can give a noticeable boost to sales.   

AirWorks, official DJI dealer in Dubai, offers DJI products that are perfect for anyone looking to make money using drones.

Beatrice Baldi

Source: AirWorks Trading