AIRsteril helping people get back to work safely in uncertain times

HR managers and company directors face one of their hardest challenges in modern times: managing the return of staff to places of work. As quoted in the Telegraph earlier this year, Rishi Sunak British politician & Chancellor of the Exchequer since 2020 said employees would "vote with their feet and would consider leaving for a rival if made to work from home full-time."


With AIRsteril we can regain our freedom, reduce all risks and, more importantly, work together to get back the team and community spirit that is so vital in the workplace. Such is the concrete proof; our units were used at the COP26 summit to protect world leaders against the spread of COVID-19, filtering the air and keeping everyone safe from the airborne virus. During extensive independent testing in a controlled environment, a viral surrogate was sprayed into a 75 cubic metre chamber, and within 10 minutes the germs were undetectable.

The big question is how to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, an airborne virus, and potential new viruses of the future. Office life after the global pandemic looks set to change forever. Employees expect their employers to provide them with a safe place to work. Whilst this has always been the case for many industries on a more practical side with visible aids such as hard hats, safety shoes, etc, it now extends into the office itself.

Working in confined spaces with recirculated air can quickly cause them to become breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria, leading to increased sickness and absenteeism. Because of how quickly bacteria and viruses replicate, traditional cleaning methods alone will not prevent their spread, nor protect a workforce. AIRsteril's solution is scientifically proven to continually kill viruses and bacteria - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This confirmed efficacy for enveloped viruses including coronaviruses, as without AIRsteril the germs were still present an hour later. The chamber size was selected as it was equivalent to a medium office or large meeting room. The timescale is vitally important as research shows that coronavirus can live for up to three hours indoors. The wall or ceiling mounted units created by AIRsteril use a combination of extensively developed UV technologies to eliminate pathogens, bacteria and viruses. Since 2014 the NHS have selected AIRsteril for Ambulance operation call centres amongst many other areas. As detailed in the independent NHS report, absenteeism was reduced by 42% following AIRsteril activation in an Emergency Operation Centre providing an estimated saving of over £200,000. This technology can be used to cover small rooms to massive halls. In fact the units have recently been used to create the world's first COVID-free exhibition centre, the "EXPO" in Belgium, protecting a huge floor space of 120,000 M2, protecting 12 main exhibition halls, conference rooms, offices, a theatre, corridors and multiple washrooms throughout the entire complex. or 01234 871875.

Source: AIRsteril

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