Airo Brands Announces Partnership With Curador Labs to Launch Airo Products in Missouri's Medical Cannabis Market

Missouri will add to Airo's national footprint of 15 states plus Puerto Rico, making it one of the few national cannabis retail brands in the U.S.

Airo Brands

AIRO BRANDS, Inc. ("Airo"), a multi-state CPG company focused on proprietary inhalation products, announces the partnership with CURADOR LABS LLC ("Curador"), a licensed Missouri cannabis processor offering high-quality cannabis to Missouri patients.

Airo is a leading cannabis inhalation brand, available in more than 1,250 dispensaries across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Offering the premium AiroPro, AiroSport & AiroX technology, as well their popular strain series, Airo is one of the top-selling brands in several markets, including Illinois, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, and Maryland.

"It is extremely important who we partner with in each state we enter, and Curador checked all the boxes, with their cannabis knowledge and ability to produce high-quality oils. We are excited to partner with Curador and bring our award-winning Airo products to the medical patients of Missouri," said Airo CEO, Richard Yost.

"We are proud to bring Airo's high-quality devices and award-winning formulations to the Missouri market. We are on a mission to improve the lives of patients in our state. This partnership gives us an amazing opportunity to make that vision a reality with products the Missouri patients can trust," said Curador CEO, Peter Seay.

About Airo

Airo is a leading national brand with a mission to delight consumers with premium inhalation experiences. Now in 15 states and Puerto Rico, Airo can be found in over 1,250 dispensaries. Its award-winning products have made Airo a top seller in several U.S. states. Airo can be found in dispensaries throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit

About Curador:

Curador is a licensed Infused Products Manufacturing (IPM) facility located in St. Louis, Missouri, focused on offering a better quality of life to Missouri patients through the benefits of craft cannabis. We believe in natural, balanced solutions for human wellness through the therapeutic use of craft cannabis. Learn more at

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