AIRNERGY. The 21 Minute Cure

Airnergy has been able to technologically implement what keeps organism alive for millions of years: The smallest health resort in the world.

Airnergy has been able to technologically implement what keeps organism alive for millions of years: The smallest health resort in the world. Just 21 minutes, several times a week, dedicated to this climatic spa may increase well being and day time energy and lead to a better sleep behavior.

How does Airnergy work?

The desire to be in good health, full of energy from within the body: Airnergy stands for breathing air and for energy. The secret is, one might say, airborne. A natural process of regeneration is encouraged by Airnergy; a process that, in the beginning, makes available the atmospheric oxygen. But sooner or later within a life time the body forgets about this ability, organism unlearns. The inspiring "model" for this process: photosynthesis, the power of the sun and its technological implementation. A process best known to the body cells and enabling them to produce and utilize more energy. In this process, Airnergy feeds neither ionized air nor ozone nor chemical substances.

Invisible but indispensable
Quality rather than quantity: The point is not the quantity of oxygen but its quality. ¾ of the indispensable viand are exhaled unused. Stress, a lack of physical activity, disease and age reduce even more the oxygen utilization. On the one hand, this fact enables men to save lives by mouth-to-mouth breathing; but Airnergy was developed to support the body's capability to better utilize the atmospheric oxygen. 21 minutes, 21 minutes of Airnergy-breathing 3 to 5 times a week may suffice to achieve this aim.

About the success of the Airnergy technology
In the beginning, doctors of medicine and therapists applied the Spiro-Vital-Therapy - such is the medical term - to work against a lack of energy and sleep disturbances. But during these last years, also sportsmen and managers perceived their personal holistic health feeling. These handsome sources of energy found their places in private homes and in offices. Since, in 2010, Airnergy was nominated by the European Health & Spa Award in the category "Best technical product innovation", an increasing number of small health resorts is to be found. Innovative wellness and beauty institutes also rely on this natural source of energy as a new kind of service. In very good conscience, 10 or 20 administrations are recommended to health- and beauty conscious clients.

Airnergy. The company
Patent registered since the year 2000, Airnergy is internationally active. Since then, headquarters and production are located in Hennef near the city of Bonn. Airnergy AG and Airnergy International GmbH are certified according to ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001. Exported into more than 60 countries, the Spiro-Vital-method made in Germany is in use millions of times. References are - to name just a few - Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Herbert Grönemeyer and Ottmar Hitzfeld. Nowadays, a considerable number of scientific studies substantiates the Airnergy-effect on human bodies. A real milestone on the road to success was the certification as a medical product. In Germany, more than 1000 Airnergy-apparatus are in commercial use. A list of user locations is to be found in the Internet at

About Airnergy

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