AirDroid and PantherTec to Showcase Innovative Remote Rehabilitation and Coaching at IDEA & ACSM Health & Fitness Summit

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AirDroid, a leading provider of remote support solutions, and PantherTec, a pioneer in movement training, are thrilled to announce their participation in the upcoming IDEA & ACSM Health & Fitness Summit on Feb. 24, 2024, in Chicago. 

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and IDEA Health & Fitness Association, two foundational, professional organizations with deep roots in the fitness and wellness industry, are pleased to announce an event partnership that underscores the importance of unity and commitment to top-level education and professional engagement for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, fitness facility owners and managers, clinical exercise specialists, and other health and fitness professionals. 

Dr. Jo Shattuck, former professional athlete, current neuroscientist, and the founder of PantherTec, will be presenting a workshop on Saturday, Feb. 24, at 3:20 p.m. in Session 352 to unveil the revolutionary use of the patented KAT training tool that delivers vibratory feedback via body-worn devices during movement to accelerate muscle memory.

At the summit, PantherTec will feature a groundbreaking demonstration integrating AirDroid Remote Support and "Rehab Anywhere and Coach Anywhere." This innovative feature allows clinicians and coaches to deliver movement instruction customized to an athlete or patient anywhere in the world by controlling the KAT system remotely from any location with WiFi.

Attend the session to witness firsthand the transformative power of combining AirDroid Remote Support with the KAT system. This unique partnership promises to redefine the future of remote interactions in the health and fitness sector.

About AirDroid Remote Support:

AirDroid Remote Support software helps revolutionize your customer service strategy by providing remote IT assistance for issues with attended or unattended Android and iOS devices. It allows businesses to offer instant IT support for hardware manufacturers, systems integrators, software solution providers, and front-line employees, making it the perfect remote troubleshooting tool for resolving mobile and technical issues in the field. Now with the KAT, it is a remote physical therapy and sport training tool.

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About PantherTec:

PantherTec is a human performance enhancement company combining neuroscientific principles of motor learning, motion capture, and wearable feedback devices. PantherTec created the first and only portable, wearable training system KAT that provides immediate sensory feedback based on real-time motion capture to accelerate muscle memory in sport and rehabilitation.

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