AIRDOCS Global Appoints COO to Manage Increased Demand

Cloud-based digital business communications and messaging firm AIRDOCS has appointed Richard Woock as Chief Operating Officer to ensure it meets increasing customer demand. Woock will be responsible for AIRDOCS's business operations so customers can continue to implement the service seamlessly.


AIRDOCS Global, a cloud-based digital business communications and messaging firm, has appointed Richard Woock as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Following sustained growth, the company has moved to strengthen its management team by hiring a highly experienced COO to ensure its customers enjoy smooth service while customer demand continues to increase.

Woock comes to AIRDOCS with an extensive background in project management, having overseen major digital communications undertakings for large organizations in New Zealand, including the country’s national airline, Air New Zealand, and the City of Auckland.

With two degrees from the University of South Africa in both Information and Information Technology Project Management to go along with his years of work experience, Woock brings a wealth of knowledge with him to the COO position at AIRDOCS.

Woock says he is excited to start his new position and help guide AIRDOCS as it continues to grow.  “AIRDOCS is in a fascinating industry being a Software-as-a-Service company that helps medium-sized and large businesses better connect and communicate with their clients and customers,” Woock said. “Guiding businesses to improve their customers communications is something that has always appealed to me and I’m looking forward to joining the AIRDOCS family and helping expand their capabilities. My experience working with some of the biggest organizations in New Zealand will help me in my new role with AIRDOCS and I’m looking forward to an exciting and challenging career.”

AIRDOCS CEO Greg Twemlow says, “the company has had its eye on Richard for a while and I was extremely pleased when he accepted the offer to head up our business operations.”

The appointment of a COO coincides with AIRDOCS on-boarding of a significant global player in the insurance industry that is integrating their core business systems with our state of the art SaaS platform. This client will now be able to accelerate their digital customer communications capabilities. AIRDOCS clients experience an advanced design, multi-channel, highly scalable and available Cloud Platform.

“We’re excited at AIRDOCS to welcome Richard to the company,” Twemlow said. “He has the exact experience profile we were looking for and he’s no stranger to working in high pressure situations for organizations that have millions of customers relying on them, as many of our clients do. We’re looking forward to Richard helping us evolve our business and ensure our customers enjoy the smoothest possible implementation process.  Richard will ensure our cloud platform continues to scale to cope with increasing customer demands.”

About AIRDOCS Global:

AIRDOCS award winning SaaS platform operates in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is available worldwide. Read more at

  1. Reducing costs - we help you work with fewer vendors. AIRDOCS can typically replace 4 vendors and reduce costs by at least 30%.
  2. Offering a multi-channel distribution network - AIRDOCS sends your messages via regular mail, email, sms, video, customer document portal or however works best for your customers.
  3. Storing documents - AIRDOCS makes document archival and retrieval simple and secure.
  4. Retaining customers - A.I.R. (Automated Intelligent Relevance) is the way to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your customer relationships.

For more information contact the AIRDOCS CEO, Greg Twemlow, or Connect with Greg on LinkedIn.

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