AirBuds Opens Up Amazon Sales to Canadian and Mexican Marketplaces

AirBuds, creator of the Most Comfortable Earbuds, has expanded their Amazon sales throughout North America, opening online shops on both Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico. By joining Amazon's North American Unified Seller program, AirBuds is now able to easily manage their domestic and international listings from their current systems.

AirBuds, creator of the Most Comfortable Earbuds, expanded their Amazon listings throughout North America this week, in order to reach untapped markets in both Canada and Mexico. The expansion is part of Amazon’s North American Unified Sellers program that enables AirBuds to list their products on multiple Amazon marketplaces directly from their main Seller Central Account.

This is great news for international customers, who, up until now, have not had access to AirBuds’ comfortable in-ear headphones.

It is a long-term goal of ours to make our product available to as many people around the world as possible.

Nick Waterhouse, CEO

“We are very excited to be expanding the AirBuds market to our North American neighbors,” said Nick Waterhouse, CEO and founder of AirBuds. “There has been a lot of demand from international customers in recent years, but up until now, we’ve been pretty limited with our reach.”

AirBuds’ memory-foam earbuds will be listed at their standard price of $39.99 (or the comparable price in local currency) on all of their marketplaces.  However, because AirBuds will be handling fulfillment in-house and shipping from the United States, shipping for purchases made in Canada or Mexico will cost customers a flat rate of $15.

Unfortunately, high shipping costs and frustrating tax restrictions are par for the course when expanding into international marketplaces. As a result, shipping to new countries has proven to be a tricky and sometimes expensive venture. But, AirBuds is determined not to let those obstacles get in their way.  

“It is a long-term goal of ours to make our product available to as many people around the world as possible,” Waterhouse continued. “With this latest expansion, AirBuds are now available in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the UK—and we hope to see that list of countries continue to grow in the future.”

Over the next year, AirBuds will be focusing on opening up their marketplace to European customer. Until then, AirBuds are available for purchase to Amazon customers in Canada. Canadian customers can visit the new AirBuds store here.  AirBuds’ Most Comfortable Earbuds are not yet listed on Amazon Mexico, but Mexican customers can expect to see an AirBuds shop opening on later this month.

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