Air Ambulance International Provides World-Class Treatment Worldwide

Air Ambulance International's mission is to give patients a second chance at life by quickly flying in a medical specialist for the patient's condition.

When a loved one’s health is at risk, it becomes a matter where all options are explored. Anyone who has a relative that is suffering from a life threatening condition or illness wants the assurance of knowing that their health is in the hands of the expert physician for the particular case. However, nothing can be more heart-breaking than having to watch a critically ill or injured loved one succumb to their condition due an absence of medical specialists in the facility where they are located available to treat the patient. When that happens, it is nearly impossible for family members to standby and watch a loved one’s health deteriorate due to inadequate medical treatment. These relatives and the patient now have hope thanks to Air Ambulance International's service.

Air Ambulance International was established by the Roebuck Air Services Group. The company's mission is to give these patients a second chance at life by rapidly flying in a physician who is a leading specialist for the patient’s condition. Once at the patient’s bedside, the doctor provides the patient with the highest standards of medical treatment and consultations.

Air Ambulance International has a worldwide network of doctors and medical professionals experienced in modern Western medicine. The company's tight-knit connection and network of specialist physicians is what enables it to provide severely ill patients from around the world with lifesaving treatment in their own countries.

In addition to its flying doctors service, Air Ambulance International also provides a wide range of other comprehensive international medical rescue services including: international air ambulance, flight nurses, and medical tourism.

About Air Ambulance International:

Air Ambulance International has been a leading provider of medical transport flights for over 30 years. In addition to offering medical treatment abroad, Air Ambulance International also provides international air ambulance service and a variety of other international medical rescue services. Learn more about the company at