Air Ambulance International Protection Offers Worldwide Benefits for Away From Home Injuries

Air medical service company offers medevac plan for overseas travelers.

Air Ambulance International has announced the introduction of its Emergency Travel Assistance program, a medical evacuation plan that covers travelers who become injured or ill away from home.

The Houston-based air ambulance company will send a medically equipped aircraft to pick up hospitalized travelers and transport them to the hospital of their choice. All flights are staffed with two pilots and a minimum of two flight nurss or paramedics.

Travel outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico is usually excluded from most standard health policies but Air Ambulance International Emergency Travel Assistance benefits are worldwide, says Peter Veazey, Manager of Operations.

Without Air Ambulance International, domestic evacuations can cost as much as $20,000 while international transports can go up to $100,000. Emergency Travel Assistance protection is available through the Air Rescue Card for citizens of any country or of any age.

According to Veazey, travel coverage can benefit students studying abroad, employees on business trips, residents living in foreign countries for up to a year, or anyone who is traveling more than 150 miles from home. Protection includes hospital to hospital ground and air transport.

Based in Houston, Texas, Air Ambulance International is part of Roebuck Air Services which operates a fleet of fixed-wing, 100% medically dedicated aircraft with fully trained medical and flight personnel. The company can also offer ground ambulance transfers, whether in conjunction with or separate from air transports.

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