Air Ambulance International and Air Rescue Card Announced Partnership for Med Repatriation Services

International air ambulance service teams up with medical air evacuation insurance company.

Air Ambulance International (AAI) offers 24 hour global medical flights transportation. With more than 30 years of combined experience in aviation medicine, AAI arranges all aspects of transportation to include coordinating the insurance approval process.

Air Ambulance International experienced and diverse air medical teams utilize state of the art medical equipment to provide all levels of patient care from medical flight nurses to critical care. With aircraft bases in Houston, Texas and London, UK, AAI is able to match the right ambulance aircraft and level of medical care to meet the patient's specific needs.

AAI Operations Manager, Peter Veazey states "I am so excited to be part of this venture and believe that our companies share proven past performance with unequalled and coactive qualities which will establish AAI as a leading contender In today's fiscally-driven healthcare environment, AAI's mission and focus will remain on providing the most hi-tech and compassionate care to our patients."

The Air Rescue Card is owned and operated by a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing affordable and reliable medical evacuation services. They serve an ever-expanding customer base of individuals, families, expatriates, non-profit organizations, travel groups, and businesses of all sizes.

In their business, experience is everything. Their track record of successful air rescue missions in the United States and more than 190 countries speaks for itself. The team includes the aero medicine industry elite.

Air Ambulance International holds a high aviation safety rating and is known throughout the industry for their excellence in aircraft management and air ambulance charter operations. The service offers a free advice line from its 24-hour control center. AAI regularly give advice and assistance in all matters relating to medical transport, including the management and repatriation of persons injured or taken seriously ill while overseas, together with advice on every aspect of aero-medical transport either by scheduled airline or air ambulance. Learn more about the international air ambulance services available by calling (832) 934 2390 or Toll Free US: 800 513 5192 or visit