Aimpoint Digital Establishes Partnership With the Georgia Tech Medellin Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Aimpoint Digital

Aimpoint Digital, a leader in data analytics and a firm dedicated to reshaping organizations with data-driven insights, proudly announces a partnership with the Georgia Tech Medellin Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GTMC). This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in fostering innovation, research, and entrepreneurship in the digital landscape.

Aimpoint Digital has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements, providing cutting-edge data solutions to businesses globally. The partnership with GTMC, a renowned center for innovation and entrepreneurship affiliated with the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, solidifies Aimpoint Digital’s commitment to excellence and ongoing growth.

William Miller, CEO of Aimpoint Digital, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with GTMC in our shared pursuit of talent development, the incubation of startups, and a collaborative journey toward shaping the future of innovation. This collaboration signifies Aimpoint Digital’s commitment to shaping the future of our industry through developing talent and fueling the startup ecosystem.”

Aimpoint Digital and GTMC are set to continue the growth of a dynamic ecosystem in Medellin that promotes innovation and talent development and creates an environment for startups to thrive. 

“Medellin’s remarkable transformation into a thriving hub for technology and data innovation is nothing short of remarkable,” explained Ben Yopp, President at Aimpoint Digital. “As the city emerges as an epicenter of technological excellence, Aimpoint Digital is committed to being a key part of that journey. Our commitment goes beyond participation- we aspire to contribute significantly to the city’s success story by supporting talent development, nurturing startups, and fostering a collaborative ecosystem. Medellin’s rise is a testament to its resilience, and we are honored to support and empower the city’s flourishing tech and startup community.”

Along with the partnership between the two organizations, Aimpoint Digital joined the Advisory Board for GTMC. 

“Our team is thrilled to have Aimpoint Digital as a partner of the center and advisory board member. This partnership aligns with our mission of fostering entrepreneurs and startups in Medellin’s innovation ecosystem,” said Sara Araujo, Managing Director of Development in Latin America for Georgia Tech. 

“Aimpoint Digital’s collaboration will help us foster collaborations across sectors that will benefit students, universities, startups and entrepreneurs, corporations, and the entire Medellin community,” she concluded.

About Aimpoint Digital:

Aimpoint Digital is an analytics firm at the forefront of solving the most complex business and economic challenges through data and analytical technology. From the integration of self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing data infrastructure environments, they operate across transformative domains to improve the performance of organizations.

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About Georgia Tech Medellin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (GTMC): 

The Medellín Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center reflects the Enterprise Innovation Institute’s mission as Georgia Tech’s chief economic development arm. Medellín was selected as an innovation ecosystem hub in South America, serving as an incubator for business expertise. 

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