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Aiman-Smith & Marcy, a boutique law firm located in Oakland, is proud to announce their newest website feature, Whistleblower. The feature was created to encourage victims or witnesses of corporate wrongdoing to report the crime and can be found on their website at 

There are a couple of roadblocks that can deter people from pursuing justice when corporations are involved. Many fear retaliation from the business, especially if it acts as their employer, and some may feel the hurdle of finding a lawyer a challenge. Whistleblower, the newest feature on the Aiman-Smith & Marcy website solves both of those issues.  

Partner, Reed Marcy, relayed the usefulness of the feature, “We find that when people call us, they are often worried about their employers finding out that they sought out legal advice. This should help alleviate any concerns that visitors may have since they can submit their information to us anonymously. They don’t even have to use real names or initials.”

Whistleblower allows anyone with information about organizations involved in unlawful or illicit activities to report the charges, anonymously if desired, through a short form that can be found on the firm’s website. Users should be as detailed as possible when making a submission to ensure the lawyers have all the facts and can thoroughly investigate.

Hallie Von Rock, Partner, hopes people will feel more comfortable seeking help. Von Rock said, “Often times, employees are not sure whether certain conduct is illegal and want to discuss this with an attorney before raising the issue with their employer.  We can provide our prospective on whether the conduct may be illegal and how to proceed with that knowledge.”

Information about Aiman-Smith and Marcy can be found at Further inquiries regarding the Whistleblower feature (, or services offered through the firm, can be placed at (510)817-2711 or (800)798-8498.

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