AIDUSGUN Will Soon Launch a Campaign Through Kickstarter

AIDUSGUN, an FPS/VR game controller, will enhance the performance of your game.

AIDUSGUN, an FPS/VR game controller, will soon launch a campaign through Kickstarter. An innovative device that allows the players to enjoy the game just by simply attaching the device to an air gun without any complication or modification.

With the AIDUSGUN, you can turn from 180 to 360 degrees intuitively by looking quickly left or right. It can be transmitted wirelessly without the Internet in real-time. AIDUSGUN is easy and comfortable to play by simply attaching it to the rails without the need for any modifications to the player's air-gun.

Team AIDUSGUS believed that the player may enjoy the game by shooting in the direction the player aims without performing any operation when changing direction during the VR game. Simply attach it to any air gun and enjoy a variety of games anytime, anywhere. The benefit of playing with AIDUSGUN is that it's simple and provides vivid, intuitive play. Also, it may be connected to various devices (PC, mobile phone, VR, and tablet). To enhance the satisfaction of the consumers, AIDUSGUN has come up with self-developed game content, Zombie Halloween. Zombie Halloween is made for VR and it can also be played on PC as well.

AIDUSGUN will launch on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, on Nov. 3, 2020. The package includes the AIDUSGUN, charging cable, USD dongle, and USB memory. The expected MSRP is currently set at 325 USD. Now on the campaign page, the early-bird backer can get a reward with a 50% discount.

About AIDUS:

AIDUS was founded by VR wireless game controller and VR content developers in 2017. The company has expanded by integrating game controller and mouse functions over the years. AIDUS's best interest is to make innovative and affordable products to provide a more convenient and enjoyable environment for gamers and PC users.  



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