On AIDS Day, 113 HIV Positive Singles of Hzone Promise, No Unprotected Sex


With the World AIDS Day drawing near, institutions and organizations are taking various measures to appeal for stopping AIDS. According to UNAIDS, (http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/fact-sheet), there are 36.9 million people globally living with HIV in 2017, a great many of which are caused by unprotected sex. To meet the commitments made in the 2016 United Nations Political Declaration on Ending AIDS Epidemic by 2030, Hzone, a dating app dedicated to helping HIV positive singles live a normal and better life, takes its initiate to call upon its users to against unprotected sex.

How does Hzone plan to achieve that? “We are going to issue $24.95 to their Hzone account for members who promise to take a stand against unprotected sex. They can use the money to upgrade to our membership,” said Justin Robert, the CEO of Hzone.

According to Hzone team, members need to submit a photo, in which they are holding a paper with hand-written words, “I promise, no unprotected sex,” and their signature. The photo will be uploaded to Hzone app for approval. Once the approval is completed, they will receive $24.95 in their Hzone account, which can be used for a month’s membership. 

“I know stopping AIDS is a very significant project which requires a lot more, and this activity can hardly do much influence, but as a dating app specially for HIV positive singles, I think we are obligated to do our part on this,” said Justin. There are 113 HIV positive singles on Hzone. To restrain and stop the spread of AIDS, actions should be conducted from the original in the first place.

It seems that this activity is going very well. In the past several days, many members of Hzone have participated in it and submitted their photos. “We can’t expect too much from this activity. However, we do expect it to be a good indication and an example to remind the rest of the people who do not have AIDS to not engage in unprotected sex,” said Justin.

The ways to stop the spread of AIDS is very practical and exercisable. Stop unprotected sex is a very efficient one. As simple as it may sound, but we still have a long way to go to achieve that. Rome was not built in a day. What gets measured gets done. Let’s look forward to the day when this obstinate disease gets suppressed or even eliminated.

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Source: Hzone