aiaTranslations Providing Interpreting Services for Behavior Health Facility

aiaTranslations is contracted to provide Spanish language services.

​aiaTranslations announces its contract to provide 24-hour Spanish language interpreting to the Pennsylvania-based KidsPeace.  

The contract provides 24-hour in-person Spanish language interpreting services in a mental health/medical setting.  Working with children in this type of setting requires very specialized interpreters who can handle the linguistic and cultural implications of mental health support services.   The mental healthcare field is broad and includes psychiatric assessment and treatment, group and individual psychotherapy, counseling, psychological testing, substance abuse treatment and more.  According to RID, "Mental health professionals depend heavily on language form and content for diagnosis and treatment. Nuances in communication, including affective tone and subtleties of language structure, may be significant for diagnosis and treatment effectiveness. Further, interpreting in mental health settings frequently presents the unique challenge of working with individuals who have dysfluent1 or even alinguistic2 means of expression. Communication may be further impacted by cognitive, emotional, behavioral or social factors. Beyond these complexities associated with language form, there is a unique vocabulary as well as specialized and deliberate techniques of speaking in therapeutic relationships. Interpreters will encounter words and phrases that have a specific psychiatric meaning which is distinct from how the general public uses these same terms."

aiaTranslations is a global leader of language support services for primarily the life sciences and healthcare industry.  Our interpreting department provides services in any language and at any location.


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