AI SaaS Dotin Inc. Announces Sven Hensen and BRIIA (Former COO/CFO of 49ers) as Investors

The up and coming startup has been attracting global attention for their innovative way to match employers and employees

Sven Hensen and BRIIA

Dotin Inc. is pleased to announce angel investor Sven Hensen is joining the team as an investor and advisor. The startup has also secured BRIIA accelerator funding for product development.

"We are seeing a strong tailwind (exciting sales opportunities) and having these cash infusions from strategic investors will help us propel our customer acquisition and success in a big way,” dotin CEO and Founder Ganesh lyer said.

Hensen has years of business and networking experience on the international stage, particularly in North and South American and Europe. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Mayato, which is a consulting firm that focuses on analytics. They are based in Berlin.

“Besides being data-driven and trying to reduce bias, I really like the idea of dotin tackling the cultural fit in the recruiting process,” Sven Hensen said.

BRIIA is a 12-sprint, high-touch startup accelerator program that propels AI-powered startups, like dotin, from prototype to fundability.

“We believe that dotin’s unique data strategy and proprietary technology is solving a key problem in hiring that has persisted for centuries,” BRIIA accelerator founder and executive director Les Schmidt (former COO/CFO of 49ers ) said. “While skill-matching is a well-trod path, assessing the personality of a prospective employee and the fit of that person with the existing team has been a huge challenge. Dotin solves that problem! If that’s not enough, the team at dotin is tireless and forward thinking. As investors, we see a winning combination – a huge problem and a winning team!”

Dotin’s artificial intelligence-based service platform has developed innovative ways to find and retain talent using tried and true psychological methods, social or enterprise data and machine learning.

They are a business to business SaaS that deciphers individual personalities to match employers and employees and enhance the workplace. Relying on AI software, dotin is able to develop a better understanding of personalization and how it impacts employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Through their process, employers are able to find the right fit before asking a single question.

Dotin is a fast-growing startup based in Silicon Valley and has recently been NetOne System’s first-ever venture into seed-round level funding.

Investment funds will go towards product development, which will help dotin leverage cutting-edge AI technology to help further organizations discover the right fit based on the personality of potential employees in an effort to increase productivity and workplace satisfaction.

About dotin Inc.

Dotin’s platform and informative data help business clients identify the right employee for their workplace, without asking a single question. The Silicon Valley start up’s AI service software is able to capture the digital personality of potential candidates. Clients have noted up to 60 percent increase in hiring efficiency using dotin’s platform or double-digit improvements in talent retention.

About Sven Hensen

Sven Hensen is the co-founder and managing partner of Mayato, which is a consulting firm that focuses on analytics. He is also a passionate and multilingual networker who has international work experience. Hensen is also a business angel who invests in data-driven startups where he can leverage his expertise in analytics.


The first integrated data innovation accelerator and startup community of its kind in the San Francisco area. BRIIA provides early-stage companies and entrepreneurs resources to grow their organizations. They focus on startups that revolve around machine learning, artificial intelligence natural language processing, and related technologies.


For more information on investment opportunities, please contact dotin Inc. at

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