Ed-Tech startup raises additional funding to fuel product and sales momentum


Ahura AI, a leading AI learning experience platform startup announced the close of their seed+ investment round, bring total round to $5.6M. This announcement follows the recent news of Ahura AI being chosen as a semifinalist in the GSV Cup 2023, the world's largest pitch competition for Pre-K to Gray EdTech startups. The company's recent capital raise will support and fuel the company's product development and sales activity.

There's been an explosion of innovation and change to corporate learning platforms (LMS, LXPs) catalyzed by recent trends of remote work, the Great Resignation, and heightened awareness of the positive impact of belonging on productivity and talent retention. New unicorn companies, such as Degreed and Edcast, are being minted, collecting increasing portions of the $90B American companies are now spending on corporate learning.

"As investors in early-stage ventures that are developing scalable and ground-breaking innovation, we are pleased to have invested and support Ahura AI in their critical work the team is doing in AI and personalized learning in upskilling workforces," said Chris Sang  Managing Partner, CP Ventures

"Data is the most valuable asset in the world, and companies like Ahura AI are creating economic opportunities for everyone globally to harness the value of their data to empower themselves. After recently raising $4.3M pre-revenue in the challenging economic climate, it's clear the market is ready for such a groundbreaking transformation in both education as well as ESG-led, data-driven tools for positive impact," said Brittany Kaiser, Founder of Own Your Own Data Foundation.

"As a refugee from the Middle East with educated and professional parents, I've been directly impacted by and witnessed the power of knowledge-creating opportunity," said Bryan Talebi, CEO & Co-founder of Ahura AI. "We are doing groundbreaking work in impacting the future of how we learn, digital learning, and how to engage people and create new economic opportunities for all. Our recent additional seed raise is an incredible indicator that our allies, partners and investors support our mission-driven company dedicated to not only our technology but also our team's diversity and our global disposition." 

AI innovation and technologies come on the heels of the new talent development process, "everboarding," where continuous learning and development of relevant skills are encouraged and invested in across teams company-wide. 

About Ahura AI

Ahura AI is a proprietary talent development platform that scales from private companies to nations, helping to "skills ready" workforces as intelligent and autonomous systems redefine the future of work. Ahura AI has pioneered a way to advance learning exponentially, recognizing that everyone learns at a different cadence and at their best with different formats of education. Ahura AI has been developed because personalized education is proven to be the most effective way to teach and learn. Ahura AI is driven to impact the near term forecasted job loss by retraining workers with relevant skills for the future workplace market. The company's mission is to become the trusted platform for knowledge training, and to foster a learning culture worldwide for a competitive edge. Ahura AI's vision is to embolden human purpose by creating technology to educate and position 10 times more of the world's population to take on the most critical challenges in the fourth industrial revolution. For more information about Ahura AI, please visit:

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About Ahura AI

Ahura AI is a pioneer in the field of personalized learning. We are a mission driven company, founded with the goal of developing a powerful AI-driven platform to enable the workforce, teams, companies, and even individuals acquire the critical skill

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