AI Company Releases Revolutionary Data Analysis and Communication Technology

Major step forward in artificial intelligence allows software to imitate a human analyst


InfoSentience announced today its completion of a 10-year effort of to allow computers to use conceptual understanding to analyze data and communicate the results of its analysis. This milestone is a major step forward in the field of artificial intelligence.

This 'Analyst in a Box' technology allows software to do everything (and more) that a human analyst can do when looking at structured data, including, but not limited to:

  • Write compelling, incisive narratives of any length
  • Add appropriate visualizations to accompany the narratives
  • Quickly adapt reporting to take account of user preferences
  • Respond to requests for additional information on any part of the report
  • Give a video presentation using speech and animations
  • Deliver content to any endpoint desired (web, social media, internal)

While the technology is able to do anything a human analyst can do, it also retains the special capabilities of a computer. This allows it to:

  • Build reports almost instantaneously
  • Deliver customized reports at near-infinite scale
  • Pour through mountains of data to surface hidden insights
  • Deliver with 100% factual accuracy and no typos

"At many points over the past 10 years, it didn't seem possible that we could achieve this breakthrough, and we couldn't be more excited to have finally pulled it off," says Steve Wasick, founder and CEO at InfoSentience. "We are confident there's nothing else like this on the market today and that becomes apparent within minutes of seeing our demo."

To learn more about this new technology from InfoSentience or to request a demo, click here.

About InfoSentience: InfoSentience is an AI company that has provided the most advanced automated content technology, providing reports and articles on everything from baseball games to financial trends. They have delivered more than 160 million unique reports for clients such as CBS Sports, Indiana University Health, CME Group, and Northwestern Medicine.

Source: InfoSentience


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