AI and Super Models: PurePredictive Launches AI-Driven Analytics Platform That Delivers More Accuracy in Just Minutes

After attracting more than 450 data experts to its beta release, PurePredictive enters the market with first-of-its-kind technology that automates predictive modeling which radically improves speed, while creating "super models" that are highly stable and significantly more accurate.

​PurePredictive announces the release of its advanced predictive modeling platform. This patented technology uses artificial intelligence to automate machine learning, eliminating the inefficiencies that exist within advanced data science. The platform enables data scientists and other experts to accomplish in a few minutes what would otherwise take weeks to do.

In addition, the platform features “one click” deployment, putting these highly sophisticated and accurate “super models” to work right away, rather than waiting the months that would traditionally be required to integrate them into a workflow or software system.

Over the last three months, over 450 data scientists and technical experts signed up for PurePredictive’s beta release from an expansive list of companies ranging in size from very small firms to technology giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, HP, eBay, Oracle, Dell, and Cisco.

The beta release also attracted experts from companies across a wide spectrum of industries. For example, users came from United Healthcare, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Experian, Thompson Reuters, Lowes, and Sony to name a few.  

​PurePredictive’s beta group responded positively to the platform:

“Data scientists are experiencing an unprecedented number of demands on their time as companies recognize the unlimited potential to achieve greater business impact. The challenges and opportunities are going to grow exponentially from here. PurePredictive’s technology is incredibly powerful to augment a data scientist’s capabilities to create highly accurate models in a short amount of time.  I believe in what they are doing and in what they are poised to accomplish.  Alex Liu, Principal Data Scientist, IBM

“What you’re doing is truly the future in an untapped billion-dollar industry.” Matt Fornito - Dish Network

“The Pure Predictive platform offers an intuitive and rapid process for solving complex business problems.” Roger Trimble, Morgan Stanley

“Advanced analytics are redefining the way business gets done. To win in today’s marketplace, businesses need predictive capability to help them optimize how they go to market, which products to develop, the right cost reductions to make, and the best way to acquire and retain customers. And they can’t afford to wait weeks for the right answers.  Our technology puts the power of real-time advanced data science into the hands of businesses that want unbeatable speed and accuracy, right now.” Justin Reber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PurePredictive.

​PurePredictive’s offering is structured to support both the sophisticated data scientist and the business professional with strong analytics acumen. 

The price for a PurePredictive license starts at $500 per month and no payment information is required to use models for the first 30 days. Those interested can learn more at or call (801) 890-5190.

 About PurePredictive, Inc.

PurePredictive is a software platform company using AI to orchestrate advanced predictive modeling exponentially increasing the insights that businesses gain from their data. Through patented technology PurePredictive dramatically reduces the time required for data experts to model and deploy advanced predictive models allowing businesses to transform their data warehouses into repositories of revenue.


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Advance analytics software company that offers first-of-its-kind AI that orchestrates predictive modeling, radically improving speed, and creating "super models" that dramatically increase stability and deliver significantly greater accuracy.

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